What is a Token Prediction?

Token Prediction is a new investment model researched and developed by Nami.Exchange to help Crypto users diversify investment products and risk control tools. Besides traditional trading products such as Spot, Futures, Margin…

The big idea of ​​Token Prediction is designed to help users automatically earn money from each analysis using Nami's algorithm.

Naming Structure of Token Prediction = Base Token Name + Predicted Price + Prediction End Date.

For example: NEAR-13-3103 i.e. this token represents the prediction that before March 31, 2022 the price of NEAR token with the trading pair NEAR/USDT on Nami Exchange will reach 13 USDT.

Key keywords and metrics of a Token Prediction: Prediction price (P-Prediction): is the price at which Nami's algorithm analyzes the probability that the market price will reach this level before the end of the prediction cycle (T-End).

(Maximum value of each token) R-MAX: is the maximum reward for each Token Prediction (TP) when the price hits the prediction milestone (P-Prediction), for example: 0.15 USDT or 3,000 VNDC/token. Each token has a different R-MAX and remains unchanged since Token issuance.

(Minimum value of each token) R-MIN: is the minimum reward for each Token Prediction when the price does not reach the prediction mark ahead of time, usually 5 to 10 times lower than the R-MAX level, for example: 0.015 USDT or 300 VNDC/token. The R-MIN level has also remained unchanged since the Token issuance.

T-Start : Time to start the prediction period
T-End : Prediction period end time