Spot Trading on Nami Exchange Application

Spot Trading is one of the most popular trading products with cryptocurrencies. The following article will guide the detailed instructions on the spot trading on the website Nami Exchange.

To start trading on Nami Exchange, users need to:

Interface Introduction

1.Market and trading pairs.

2.Time Frame chart.

3.Buy/sell order book.

4.Trading section.

How to trade Spot on Nami Application?

Step 1: At the Exchange Trading screen, search for Trading pairs (1)

Step 2: After selecting the Trading pair, move to (4) and set:

  • Order type: Limit or Market
  • Amount of token
  • Desired price (for Limit orders)

Step 3: Click the Buy/Sell button to complete the order request.

How to close Spot Limit Order on Nami Application?

To close Spot Limit Order on the Nami Exchange application, simply click the "Cancel" button in the lower right corner of the screen for single order closing, or "Cancel All" for all pending orders closing