FAQ on Daily Staking program

How to join the Daily Staking program?

  • Users only need to maintain a minimum balance of VNST or USDT at Spot and Futures wallets for at least 24 hours to be eligible to participate in the program.

Who can participate in Daily Staking on Nami Exchange?

  • The Daily Staking program applies to users who create an account and have completed identity verification (KYC) on the Nami Exchange.

What kind of assets does the Daily Staking program apply to?

  • Currently, Nami Exchange applies the Daily Staking program with these types of assets: VNST and USDT.

What is the current Daily Staking interest rate on Nami Exchange?

  • For and VNST: The annual interest rate (APY) is 12.79%, equivalent to 0.0350%/day.
  • For USDT: The annual interest rate (APY) is 6%, equivalent to 0.0164%/day.

Daily Staking interest is simple interest or compound interest?

  • The interest rate applied in the Daily Staking program is compound interest.

For example: David stores into Nami Exchange 10,000 USDT

  • On the first day, David received an interest of 1.6438 USDT
  • On the second day, the system calculates interest based on the accumulated balance with the actual received interest: 10,000 + 1.6438 = 10,001.6438 USDT, David will receive an interest of 1.6441 USDT

How much do I need to deposit to qualify for Staking interest?

  • Minimum asset limit is 10,000 VNST or 5 USDT, maximum asset limit is 200,000,000 VNST or 20,000 USDT. Users with less than the minimum amount of assets will not be entitled to daily interest, users with a larger amount of assets than the maximum limit will only receive interest equal to the maximum limit.

When do I receive Daily Staking interest?

  • Nami records user wallet balance at 17:00 every day (UTC) and proceeds to pay interest automatically right after that.

What is the commission mechanism when I refer users to the Daily Staking chapter?

Referral commission is 20% on the actual profit received by the referrer. Interest is paid in staking asset unit.


1.Mr. Nam introduced Ms. Nhi through referral code or link. When Ms. Nhi deposits 100,000,000 VNST and receives an interest of 27,397 VNST, Mr. Nam will receive a referral commission at 20% of 27,397 VNST, equivalent to 5,479 VNST.

2.David introduced Sam through referral code or link. When Sam deposits 20,000 USDT and receives interest of 3.2876 USDT, David will receive a commission of 20% of 3.2876 USDT equivalent to 0.6575 USDT.

Will I get Daily Staking interest if I store assets in Futures wallet?

  • Yes. Nami applies the program on the total balance of Spot and Futures wallets with VNST and USDT assets, please note that the interest balance is only calculated with the amount of VNST and USDT deposited 24 hours before the interest payment time.

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