Copy Trade: Performance Indicators for Trading Master

Nami Exchange's Copy Trade product has launched with the aim of helping inexperienced traders copy the positions of masters and benefit from trades without having to actively execute orders. However, to choose the most suitable masters for your needs and investment goals, understanding the performance metrics of these masters is crucial.

This article will provide detailed guidance on how to read and understand the metrics of a Master on the Copy Trade product.

1. Detailed Trading Performance of Each Master

From the Copy Trade interface, users can click on each Master to view their trading performance. The detailed trading performance will display various metrics in the form of charts and data, specifically:

  • Total Positions: Shows the number of trades the Master has executed, giving users an overview of the Master's activity level.
  • No of Winning Trades/Win Ratio: Reflects the Master's trading effectiveness, including the number of trades with positive profits and the percentage relative to the total number of trades.
  • Average Profit/Average Loss: Indicates the average positive/negative profit per trade, helping users assess the Master's risk management capabilities.
  • Profit/Loss Ratio: Demonstrates the overall effectiveness of the trading strategy, comparing the profits from winning trades to the losses from losing trades.
  • Average Holding Time: Shows the average time the Master holds each trade, indicating whether they follow a short-term or long-term trading strategy.
  • Trading Frequency (Weekly): Indicates the average number of trades the Master executes each week, helping users evaluate their activity level.
  • Trading days: Displays the date the Master started trading on Nami Exchange.
  • Recent Trades: Shows the time the Master last closed a position.
  • MDD (Max DrawDown): Max DrawDown represents the maximum observed loss from peak to trough of the Master asset curve over a certain period.
  • AUM (Assets Under Management): This metric indicates the total margin amount from closed Futures positions of all Copiers and Master's own margin.

2. Evaluating the Technical Skills and Trading Performance of Masters

In addition to the above metrics, Nami Exchange provides additional metrics to help users evaluate and select masters that match their investment preferences. These include the Prediction Points, and Capital Utilization Points, as detailed below:

Prediction Points (PP):

  • The Prediction Point is used to assess the user's ability to predict the price movements of the trading asset from the time a position is opened through a market order or matched through a limit order until the position is closed (either partially or fully).
  • A higher Prediction Point indicates a sharper ability to predict price movements, for example, if a position is closed at the highest possible profit during its entire duration. Conversely, a lower Prediction Point indicates less accurate price predictions, for example, if a position is closed at the maximum possible loss during its entire duration.

Capital Utilization Points (CUP):

  • Based on the Prediction Point, the Capital Utilization Point (CUP) is a metric that combines the ability to predict price movements of the trading asset with trading psychology, based on the actual trading volume of each position.

Relative Significance of the Metrics:

  • For two positions with the same Prediction Point, meaning both are closed at the best possible profit, the position with a higher trading volume will have a higher Capital Utilization Point.
  • For two traders with the same Prediction Point, the one with a higher Capital Utilization Point is considered to trade more effectively.
  • For two traders with the same Capital Utilization Point, the one with a higher Prediction Point is considered to trade more effectively.

Learn more details about the Description of Prediction Point and Capital Utilization Point.

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