How to own Token Prediction?

Option 1:

Get Airdrop or Get Reward in the Reward Center on Nami Exchange Every time a Token Prediction is issued, Nami will spend a certain amount of tokens to airdrop and reward users on Nami Exchange. Depending on each Token Prediction, there will be different airdrop or mission mechanisms at the Reward Center. The number of airdrops is limited and the program will end when all rewards are distributed.

Option 2:

Buy the tokens via Spot or Swap trading Depending on the Token Prediction, the token can be traded on the Nami Exchange platform and users can buy the Token Prediction by Spot or Swap trading.

Option 3:

Buy the tokens on Nami Launchpad (coming soon) Users can also purchase Token Prediction via the Fair Launch mechanism of the Nami Launchpad v2.0 coming soon in the future.