FAQs about Swap products

1. The estimated price is counted down within 6 seconds, what does it mean?

Nami Exchange provides an estimated rate within 6 seconds, so the swap price will be the same as the estimated price or there is no more than 1% different from the estimated price. The number of tokens and the swap price will depend on the market when the user confirms Swap.

2. Why is the swap price not the same as the estimated price?

When using swap, the user is trading directly with the orders listed on the order book, so the price may change depending on the market at that time. However, Nami Exchange has estimated price in 6-second and transaction blocking mechanism to better protect user, when the swap price differs by more than 1% from the estimated price, the trades will fail and the estimated price will be refreshed.

3. What is the minimum and maximum limit volume for swap?

Minimum and maximum limit volume for swap will be different with each trading pair and can be previewed before trading. For example, the minimum limit volume when swap from VNDC to NAMI token is 300,000 VNDC and the maximum is 100,000,000 VNDC.

4. What is the swap fee rate?

On March 2023, the swap fee rate in Nami Exchange is the same with Spot Trading an capped at 0.1% of the trading volume.

User can set NAMI token as fee unit to earn up to 30% discounts for Swap Fee, read more.