Ask Me Anything: ONUS x Nami

Immediately after the announcement of strategic cooperation with ONUS and the 1,000,000 NAMI airdrop program, the NAMI token belonging to the Nami Exchange platform immediately grew by 50%.

This move makes for an expected start, especially in light of the newly "revealed" information about the upcoming Nami Futures V2 launch event.

In order to give the investor community at ONUS the opportunity to exchange, ask questions and get answers to questions about Nami Futures v2 products, ONUS directly invited Mr. Nguyen Duc Trung, CTO of Nami Exchange to a special AMA.

  • Time: 13:00 UTC April 13, 2022
  • Livestream at: Fanpage ONUS

Main topics:

  • Share partnership details and benefits for users of both ONUS x Nami platforms.
  • Introducing Nami Futures v2 - a powerful tool to help investors maximize profits.
  • Directly answer questions from users.

Hosted by:

  • Host: Mr. Dan Bui - ONUS Community Manager
  • Guest: Mr. Nguyen Duc Trung: CTO of Nami Exchange

Specially, a total reward of $200 will be given to 10 people with the most interesting questions selected by the host.

What makes Nami Futures v2 stand out from previous versions? What are privileges for investors at ONUS when using Nami Futures?

All will be answered in this special AMA.

About ONUS

ONUS is one of the most popular crypto investment apps in Vietnam with over 2 million downloads and a full ecosystem of financial products for investors. ONUS focuses on optimizing the user experience, redesigning complex financial products so that anyone can understand and start the path of financial investment.

About Nami Exchange

Name Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform to trade over 350 cryptocurrencies. In Vietnam, Nami is known as the first Exchange providing the Futures feature since 2019, as an official partner of Binance Futures. Nami's professional team has built and developed an ecosystem of tools to support optimizing profits for investors comprehensively.