Announcement of strategic partnership between Nami Exchange and Fiberblock

Ho Chi Minh City, December 01, 2021Today, Nami Exchange and Fiberblock announced a strategic partnership in developing projects using Blockchain technology on Fantom network in the Vietnam market.Specifically,

  • Through the introduction of Fiberblock, Nami Exchange will bring potential projects from Fantom Network to Vietnamese users through many methods such as IDO on Nami Launchpad, listing on the Exchange, integrated into Staking, Farming products…
  • Fiberblock will gives advice and supports Nami Exchange in integrating Fantom Network and other technology solutions into the trading, depositing and withdrawing system, and introduces the Nami Corporation’s products in general and Nami Exchange in particular to the Fiberblock's community, especially the users who interested in Fantom network.

About Fiberblock

Fiberblock was born with the mission to create opportunities for everyone in the era of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The company specializes in cryptocurrency investment and development of decentralized applications. The founders of Fiberblock have been involved in the Crypto market since the early days, and also joined Fantom and founded Fantom Vietnam Association. Fiberblock has now become the first Community Validator of this network, just after the founders. Fantom is currently ranked in the Top 40 on CoinMarketCap.Besides, Fiberblock is also the validator with the highest number of tokens staked, with nearly 7 million tokens on Fuse Network. Currently, in addition to operating validators, the company also invests in potential cryptocurrencies and works with the software team to develop applications for decentralized exchange (DEX), NFT exchange, Blockchain game... Fiberblock's main activities include:

  • Cryptocurrency Investment

As an investment firm, we focus on building our portfolio with great crypto companies and digital currencies. Our approach is long term oriented while still remaining flexible with the fast changing of the crypto market.

  • Network Validator

We operate and run our own Validator Nodes on Fantom Network and Fuse Network, supporting the new Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency model. If you have $FTM or $FUSE, you are welcome to come join and stake your tokens with us.

  • Business Relations

After years of involvement in the crypto market, FiberBlock has established and maintained strong relationships with numerous veteran crypto investors, seasoned marketers and experienced blockchain developers, creating a close network of support and counsel.

  • Dapp Development

As an IT firm, we also develop decentralized applications for our own projects in a variety of areas such as token swap exchanges, NFTs marketplace, blockchain games, etc.

  • Outsourcing

Upon client request, we also provide outsourcing services in investment consultancy and Dapp development.

  • In-house Developer

We have an in-house team of developers specializing in Dapp development and other blockchain-based technologies.

Fiberblock Key’s Projects

  1. Tank Wars Zone Game
  • As we want to create a new and interesting blockchain game, the team came up with an affordable, fun, and visually refreshing game in which many gamers will be able to play and earn without spending much time and money to start playing.
  • The low joining fee – We aim to create a blockchain game where all players around the world, especially those in developing countries, can join to play and earn money quickly, easily.
  • Exciting game modes - Tank Wars Zone includes many different game modes for players to both have fun and earn money, such as: PvE, PvP, World Boss Battle, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, Battle Royale. The game also provides different combat mechanics for players to enjoy and have fun.
  • Supported by Fantom Chain – Tank Wars Zone has very low transaction costs, lowest verification times, and will also have active support communities for players.
  • Website:

2. NFT Marketplace on Fuse

  • Also developed by our in-house developers, Artrific is the first NFT marketplace on Fuse Network. This peer-to-peer marketplace will provide a safe and secure environment where users can mint, buy, sell and bid on millions of NFT assets, rare digital items and crypto collectibles.
  • Website:

About Nami Corporation

Nami Corp. is a FinTech startup operating in the field of Investment and Technology based on Blockchain technology. Over the years, Nami has developed an ecosystem of key products and services to comprehensively support investors, optimize community benefits with the slogan “Change mindset, make giant steps”.Nami Exchange is the flagship product of Nami Corp. and is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the Vietnamese market. After many years of development, Nami Exchange now provides a variety of financial products to serve the needs of trading and investment customers:

  • Spot Trading: Easily to buy and sell nearly 600 listed tokens with high liquidity
  • Futures Trading: Trade Futures with leverage up to x125
  • Swap: Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies quickly via USDT and VNDC with just one touch
  • Nami Launchpad: Introducing potential projects from the blockchain world
  • Copy Trades: Get profit by copying Futures orders from top traders
  • Referral Program: Earns up to 20% commission share from trading fees
  • Staking: Stake NAMI token with APY up to 50%
  • Farming: Farm NAMI to get potential tokens
  • And many more.

___Download Nami Exchange at:

Or website:’s community: