Copy Trade: Introduction

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To provide additional products for increasing income to effective traders, Nami Exchange officially launches the Copy Trade product at 08:00 2024.04.o3 (UTC).

The article below will introduce users to Copy Trade and the benefits of using this feature.

What is Copy Trade?

Copy Trade is a trading strategy in which a trader replicates the trades made by another experienced trader (often called a pro trader / master / expert) in the market. The goal of copy trade is for the copier to hold the same positions as the expert trader they are copying and to benefit from trading profits without actively executing trades.

To perform copy trade, users need to choose a Master based on various metrics such as the return on investment (ROI), trading history, win/loss ratio, and other related indicators of that Master. When users select to copy, all trades that the Master makes will be replicated in the user's account.

Learn more about the Master index.

Who is a Copier?

A Copier is a new or less experienced trader who follows and copies trade orders from Master traders. This allows the Copier to quickly access the trading strategies of the Master or copy their orders and profit from the effective trading of the Master without spending much time analyzing the market.

Learn more in the Copier Guide.

Benefits of Becoming a Copier:

For a new or less experienced trader, using the Copy Trade feature on Nami Exchange offers several benefits, such as:

  • Enjoy trading profits without trading: Copiers will have the opportunity to enjoy profits when orders copied from Masters achieve positive profits.
  • Easy Market Access: Copiers can easily access and learn trading strategies from the experienced Masters on Nami Exchange.
  • Time-Saving: Copiers do not need to spend much time analyzing the market to execute trades; they can simply copy trades and profit from the effective strategies of the Masters.
  • Diverse Strategies: Copiers can follow multiple Masters simultaneously, allowing them to apply diverse trading strategies and hedge risks.
  • Flexible Choice of Masters: With many different Masters available on Nami Exchange, users can flexibly choose, switch, or stop following Master if they find the trading strategy ineffective.

Who is a Master?

A Master is an experienced trader who allows others to follow and copy their trades. By becoming a Master, users can increase their income through their trading skills. Master will receive a 5% share of the profits from the users who copy them. To become a Master, users need to build trust and transparency with their copiers through the metrics provided by Nami Exchange.

To become a Master, users must meet standard conditions and adhere to certain regulations set by Nami Exchange.

Learn more in the Master Guide.

Benefits of Becoming a Master:

Users who become Master of Copy Trade on Nami Exchange enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Increased Income from Expertise: Nami Exchange currently shares 10% of the actual profits of the Copiers with the Master and their partners. This provides an opportunity for Masters to increase their income through their trading skills.
  • Personal Brand Development: Masters can gain wider recognition thanks to their followers and trading skills within the Nami Exchange community, offering more opportunities to develop their personal brand.
  • Enhanced Trading Discipline: Being followed by copiers, Masters need to maintain discipline in their trading to protect profits for both themselves and their copiers, thereby enhancing their own income potential.

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