Special offer: Buy 10,000 NAMI Tokens get 1,000,000 VNDC

On the occasion of Nami Corporation officially changing smart contract for NAMI token from January 21, 2021. Nami would like to send customers a special program "Buy 10,000 NAMI Tokens get 1,000,000 VNDC". Accordingly, as soon as a customer successfully purchases 10,000 NAMI, 1,000,000 VND will automatically be sent to your wallet.1,000,000 VNDC will be locked and for experiencing Futures Trading products. After 1 week, customers can deposit an additional 500,000 VNDC to unlock and withdraw your profit.To buy NAMI Token, passengers can contact us on “Chat with support” box.Note:

  • 1,000,000 VNDC will be locked and can only be used to experience the Futures Trading product, these amounts will be automatically deducted from the wallet after 1 week. After this time, customers can deposit an additional 500,000 VNDC to unlock and withdraw profits from the transaction.
  • 10,000 NAMI will also be locked within 1 week from the time the customer receives 1,000,000 VND in your wallet, after this time, the above mentioned NAMI amount will be automatically unlocked.
  • Promotion is appling for the first purchase of each account on Nami Exchange.
  • Nami has the right to process and recover all interest arising from dishonest transactions.


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