Nami AMA: Conquer the New Record

Dear Nami Community,

With the desire to provide information and answer users' questions about the new features on Nami Exchange, as well as introduce the exciting new mechanism of NAO Futures - Nami Championship season 10, Nami has decided to organize an AMA session with the theme 'Conquer the New Record' on 2023-10-12 13:00 (UTC)

Through the AMA, Nami hopes that users can better understand new things on Nami Exchange

  • Introducing newly launched products
  • Existing user rewards programs
  • New mechanisms for trading
  • Products and features will be released in the near future

Additionally, we also look forward to hearing users' feedback and suggestions on your experiences with Nami's products, with the aim of providing the best possible user experiences

The program featuring special and experienced guests in the Blockchain field promises to bring interesting knowledge sharing and fascinating perspectives:

  • Mr. Tuna Nguyen - Chief Operating Officer of Nami Foundation
  • Mr. Cuong Tran - Guest from the Crypto Investment Group community
  • Mr. MasterQ - Guest from QTCrypto
  • Hosted by Ms. Ngoc Mai - Community Manager of Nami Foundation


Joining the program, besides learning valuable knowledge, users also have the opportunity to participate in Minigames with prizes up to 5,500,000 VNST, including:

  • 4,000 NAMI and 1,500,000 VNST for participants who share the livestream.
  • 5 Nami Polo shirts worth 2,500,000 VNST for 5 people have the best questions.
  • 1,000 NAMI for 5 people have the fastest answers during the livestream.

Participate in the event now to update the latest news about the Nami Insurance project and have an opportunity to win special gifts from Minigames throughout the AMA.


More information:

Launching NAO Futures – Nami Championship season 10 (October 2023)

The Ranking of NAO Futures - Nami Championship Season 10: Week 1

Risk warning:

Trading digital assets carries a high level of risk for both significant profits and losses. All your margin balance may be liquidated in the event of drastic price fluctuations. The purchase of Nami Insurance does not mean that it will completely eliminate the risk in trading digital assets. The information contained herein should not be construed as financial advice from Nami Insurance. Use any trading strategy at your own risk. Nami Insurance will not be liable for any loss arising from insurance policies and digital asset trading activities.

About Nami Exchange

Nami Exchange is a trading platform belonging to the Nami Foundation ecosystem that enables dynamic trading and effective investing through its Spot and Futures trading systems, which offer a wide selection of nearly 700 trading pairs, support leverage up to x125, and 24/7 live support in Vietnamese & English.


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