Introduce SB Reindeer Fish - A Christmas Gift from Miracle Fest Collection

Dear Nami Community,

In celebration of the upcoming Christmas season, Nami is pleased to introduce SB Reindeer Fish from the Miracle Fest collection. This is a special gift that we are giving to our users this festive season.

The gifts on the car that Reindeer Fish is pulling are also the spiritual gifts that Nami wants to send to users. Wishing everyone a warm and happy Christmas Eve with relatives and friends.

1. About SB Reindeer Fish

SB Reindeer Fish is inspired by the reindeer of Santa Claus, who delivers gifts around the world on Christmas Eve. Reindeer Fish's red nose not only lights the way in the dark, but also brings luck and positive things for people.

Additionally, according to legend, the Reindeer Fish's horn has the ability to sense and attract people's dreams and wishes and make them come true.

This is the present that Nami wants to bring to users this Christmas season. Nami hopes that all users who receive SB Reindeer Fish will always achieve your expectations and plans in the market.

2. Detailed Information about SB Reindeer Fish

2.1 Mechanism

Subject: All Nami Exchange users

Quantity: 1,000 SB

Distribution: User (completed KYC) enters the referral code and deposit at least 500,000 VNST via Partner during the program period, then both user and referrer  will receive 1 SB Reindeer Fish. SB will automatically be transferred to Nami Infinity wallet and activated as soon as the user presses "Receive".

2.2 Benefits

The SB Reindeer Fish will be a special gift for you this Christmas. User is able to own SB Reindeer Fish permanently, and can use this SB as the avatar profile for your Nami Exchange account.

2.3 Timeline

From 2023.12.15 17:00 to 2023.12.24 17:00 (UTC) or until the numbers of SB are distributed completely.

Best Regards,

More Information:

Note: Nami reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason without prior notice.

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