Introduce SB Coin Fish - a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival gift from Nami

Dear Nami community,

Mid-Autumn Festival is a special traditional holiday, where we gather with family and give each other meaningful gifts. Nami wishes users a peaceful and warm Mid-Autumn Festival with family and friends.

On this occasion, Nami also would like to introduce to users a unique Mid-Autumn Festival gift - SB Coin Fish - the first Nami Infinity item from the Miracle Fest collection, with the hope of bringing the owner prosperity and luck.

1.About Miracle Fest collection and SB Coin Fish

Events and festivals throughout the year always bring users interesting emotions and experiences. The Miracle Fest collection was launched with the desire to give users small gifts for festivals, thereby preserving users' valuable experiences after each event.

SB Coin Fish is inspired by the Koi fish with the meaning of fortune and prosperity that Nami wants to gift users on Mid-Autumn Festival.

Each individual Koi Fish has its own beauty and story. This fish is famous for its legend of swimming upstream to cross river mouths and waterfalls. If successful, the Koi fish will turn into a mighty dragon.

With patience, the ability to overcome difficulties as well as accumulated knowledge and experience, Nami always believes that investors will achieve high profits and be a winner in this potential market.

Type: SB (Skymania Badge)

Tier: Special (S)

Quantity: 1,000 SB

2. Detailed Information of SB Blue Tang

2.1. Mechanism

  • Subject: Vietnamese user
  • Quantity: 1,000 SB
  • Distribution: When user deposits enough 1,000,000 VNST into Nami Exchange wallet via partners or on-chain deposit during the program period, the system will notify to receive SB Coin Fish. This SB will be automatically transferred to the Infinity wallet and activated right after user presses the claim button Receive.

2.2. Benefit

User is able to own special SB Coin Fish permanently as a lucky gift and can use this SB as the avatar profile for your Nami Exchange account.

2.3. Timeline

From 2023-09-29 08:00 (UTC) to 2023-10-29 08:00 (UTC) or when the numbers of SB is distributed completely.

More information:

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