Update rank maintenance conditions with Community Development Partners

Dear community,

In order to create more favorable conditions with the Community Development Partner team in building a comprehensive, professional, and cohesive Nami community, Nami would like to officially announce updating the maintenance conditions with the removal of conditions on number of new friends and commissions, and increasing the required trading volume for each level of partner participating in the Nami Community Development Partner program from the 2023-07-31 17:00 qualifying period (UTC).


1.With the qualifying period at 2023-06-30 17:00 (UTC), Partner will only need to meet the conditions of Trading Volume as prescribed before to maintain or upgrade rank, no need to satisfy the conditions of the number of friends and the number of commissions for the month

2.From the qualifying period at 2023-07-31 17:00 (UTC), Partner will need to meet new conditions of the Total Trading Volume in the whole referral system to maintain and upgrade with the following details:

Conditions (one in two)

Registration form

Total Futures Volume per month 

Total Spot Volume 

per month

Diamond Partner

5,000,000 USDT

500,000 USDT

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Platinum Partner

2,500,000 USDT

250,000 USDT

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Gold Partner

1,000,000 USDT

100,000 USDT

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Official Partner

200,000 USDT

20,000 USDT

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Important Notices:

  • All users need to complete KYC to be eligible to register or upgrade partner rank
  • The trading volume index to calculate the partner review achievement is calculated across the referral system
  • Trading volume from VNDC or other assets is converted to USDT in equivalent value. Futures volume is combined Nami Futures and NAO Futures, Spot volume includes both spot and swap trading volume.
  • The Partner needs to maintain the basic condition of Trading Volume in order to keep the rank every month
  • The system will update the data and automatically rank the partners at 17:00 on the last day of each month (UTC).

More information:

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Note: Nami reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

Risk Warning: Digital asset prices can be volatile. The value of your investment may go down or up and you may not get back the amount invested. You are solely responsible for your investment decisions and Nami is not liable for any losses that might arise from your investment. This information should not be regarded as financial or investment advice.

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