Ola City's OLC token officially changed name and blockchain

According to Ola City’s news, since March 29 2021, OLC token officially changed its name to OLA coin. Users only need to store OLC tokens on the Nami Exchange, Nami's automatic conversion system will convert OLC tokens to OLA coin at the rate of 1:1.Besides, Ola City also announced the OLA coin changes blockchain from Ethereum (ERC-20) to Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).From 10:00pm on March 28, 2021, Nami Exchange temporarily maintained deposit / withdrawal of OLA coins on the exchange for conversion. Expected completion time is 3:00pm March 29, 2021. During the maintenance period, users can still place orders to buy / sell Exchange and swap on the exchange.For the amount of OLC tokens circulating outside the Nami Exchange, Nami will not be responsible if the users do not send it to the exchange before 10:00 pm on 28 March 2021. After the above time, all transactions with an OLC token is invalid.

About Ola City

What is Ola City?

Ola City is an Performance Marketing Platform that helps businesses easily bring products and services to billions of users around the world with the most cost savings and efficiency. The Ola City platform is a place for participants to take advantage of their spare time to earn extra income by performing very simple tasks such as downloading apps, watching ads, playing games, doing surveys, introducing products and services,...Ola City also builds and develops on the platform of a multi-application ecosystem to serve the community optimally such as: social networks, games, E-commerce, e-wallet,...

What is OLA coin?

Ola Coin (abbreviation: OLA) is a BEP-20 standard cryptocurrency created and exclusive by Ola City. The BEP-20 standard is a set of rules that allow this token to be compatible with other Binance Smart Chain tokens.

About OLA coin

  • Token name: OLA
  • Total Supply: 100 billion OLA
  • Blockchain: BEP-20
  • Smart Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x47d0f6195911e93fe2b9b456289b6769aa47268f

About Nami Corporation

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