First of all, Nami Exchange wants to express our gratitude to our customers for always trusting and accompanying Nami during the time.Recently, Nami Exchange has continuously released updates with the new features to increase the benefit of customers using our products. Additionally, with the goal of maximizing convenience in the transaction process, increasing the ability to process transactions at the same time and increasing the ability to process a big volume of large transactions, Nami also moved the system over other platforms.The rollout of the new features and updates on another platform at the same time with a spike in numbers and volumes has resulted in technical limitations and a bad experience for users. Nami has fully acknowledged customer feedback on these technical flaws. We deeply apologize for that and by this official announcement, Nami Exchange would like to provide detail information about recent groups of errors in as follows:

  1. Exchange/Futures orders are unable to close: This error occurs because the connection between Nami and partner is not continuous when the market is volatile. Nami has worked with partners to upgrade the transmission line and ensure that all user transactions are completed quickly and smoothly.
  2. The withdrawal to VNDC wallet takes time: This happens when we realize an issue in pushing data between Nami exchange and VNDC wallet system, which makes both parties need time to reconcile the deposit/withdraw transactions and slow down the deposit/withdrawal process between Nami exchange and VNDC wallet. Both sides of us have completed the system review, the transaction reconciliation, and customers will no longer have this problem in the future.
  3. Errors in the display of assets in the wallet and unable to place/close an Exchange buy/sell order: These errors occur because of the transition to another platform, the system has tried to protect investors' assets that result in the token being locked or untradeable. We are conducting a review to ensure the safety of all investors' assets, as well as against fraudulent acts of profiteering and fraud when the system crashes

With the motto of maximizing the benefits for users, Nami has been making constant efforts to ensure a more stable operating system, along with constantly upgrading the system with new technologies to meet the number and volume of transactions that has increased dramatically as in the past time as well as in the coming time.Once again, Nami Corporation and Nami Exchange sincerely apologize to our customers for their inconvenient experiences, Nami would like to affirm that all assets of investors, traders, and users are fully protected after maintenance.

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