Nami Launchpad airdrops 100,000 LPDi Tokens to community

Dear Nami community,On the occasion of Nami Corporation opening the sale of LPDi - CitiGolf on Nami Launchpad, on August 14, 2021, Nami Launchpad and LPD Invest will airdrop 100,000 LPDi Tokens to all users login to Nami Exchange.Specifically, from 00:00 August 14, 2021 (UTC+7), Nami Launchpad will reward 10 LPDi Tokens to all accounts that login to Nami Exchange application.The event will end at 19:00 August 15, 2021 (UTC+7) or when all 100,000 LPDi tokens are distributed, depending on which condition comes first.More information:Officially opening LPDi token sale on Nami Launchpad

About Nami Launchpad

Nami Launchpad is a platform of Nami Exchange to help Blockchain projects call for investment capital and Increasing accessibility to users in the ecosystem of Nami Corporation.Nami Launchpad acts as a bridge between Blockchain projects to the community in a strong way. Thereby, investors on Nami Exchange will have a safe investment environment in potential projects.___Download Nami Exchange at:

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