Announcement of technical issues on June 21, 2022

Dear Nami community,

At 06:43 on 21.06.2022 (UTC), an issue occurred with CloudFlare - an intermediary server service provider of Nami Exchange that caused the login to Nami Exchange and Futures trading on ONUS Futures to fail. At 08:30 (UTC) on the same day, the problem was completely resolved and the login system was operated normally.

However, during the incident, users' trading processes were affected, especially for users with opening Futures orders.

Although this problem comes from an objective reason caused by a third party, with the motto of ensuring the interests of users and putting the interests of users first, Nami Exchange would like to announce that users’ loss on the issue’s period will be refunded such as Negative profit, Margin amount and Liquidation Fee for Futures orders that hit Stop Loss or were liquidated during the incident, the source of this reimbursement is from the Futures Liquidation Insurance Fund. The refund will be completed within 24 hours from the time of the notice.

Once again, Nami sincerely apologizes to the users and the community for this objective incident.

Best Regards,

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