Trading Nami Futures on Nami Exchange website

Futures trading are one of the typical products of Nami Exchange trading platform that many users trust and use with friendly interface, finishing features, high stability. The following article will guide the details of Futures trading on Nami Exchange website.

To start trading Nami Futures, click Futures button under Product tab from Nami Exchange Homepage.

Interface introduction

1.Trading contracts, market price, price volatility and trading volume for 24 hours

2.Chart by timeframes

3.Positions, Pending Orders and Order History

4.Search for trading contracts

5.Trading section


Choose a trading contract (For example: BTC/USDT) then follow these steps belllow:

Step 1: Select order type. Nami Futures offers 3 basic order types: Market, Limit, Stop Market.

Step 2: Enter trading volume,

Step 3: Set Stop Loss (SL) and Take-Profit (TP) prices

Step 4: Pick leverage

Step 5: Click "Buy" to open the position. (Select "Buy" or "Sell" depending on your needs.)

Tips: Click on notebook icon below the trading contracts (for example BTC/USDT) will reveal all trading rules of that contract


In the "Position" tab, users can perform the adjustment of SL-TP or add more volume and margin of each position activated by selecting the icon "Edit" next to the corresponding indicators.

1.Adjust SL-TP

2.Add volume and Add margin

Add Volume

  • Enter the additional volume by entering the value of the volume or according to the desired percentage ratio
  • The "Customized" section allows users to choose type of order, pick leverage and enter the activated price for add volume orders
  • Select "Confirm" to complete the adjustment.

Add Margin

  • Select "Add margin" (the Remove Margin feature is currently not available)
  • Entering the margin added value or slide to choose the desired percentage ratio
  • Click to confirm to complete the adjustment


  • Adding Volume is an act of creating new order to merge into the position, this can change the position indexes in volume, margin, leverage, open price, liquidation price
  • Adding Margin is an act of purely increasing margin value for position, this does NOT change the position indexes of volume, leverage and open price


1.Close whole volume of positions

Users can close the entire volume with each position or all positions by pressing the "Close" or "Close All Orders" buttons:

2.Partially close positions

Users can partially close the volume of the position by slipping the "Close Partially" button after clicking "Close" for each position

Users can adjust the position to be closed by entering absolute value or sliding the desired percentage and click "Confirm" to complete.

Users can also choose the type of order and activation price to partially close a position, including market, limit and stop market order type when clicking "Customized". After successful installation, click "Confirm" to complete.