Nami News
Officially listing XRP, LDO and CVX on Nami Futures and ONUS Futures 22-09-2022Nami Exchange announces ETHW distribution plan 17-09-2022Maintenance of Futures Copy Trade feature 16-09-2022Futures maintenance with LUNA2 and 1000LUNC trading pairs 14-09-2022Officially launching the Add Volume and the Positions Partial Close for Futures trading 14-09-2022Crypto Insurance – Fertile ground to be explored 08-09-2022Announcement of Swap fee reduction with Futures trading 07-09-2022Officially listing Stargate (STG) on Nami Futures and ONUS Futures 25-08-2022Pending of delisting BLZ on Nami Futures and ONUS Futures 25-08-2022Nami Futures decrease trading fee to 0.06% 24-08-2022Delisting BLZ on Nami Futures and ONUS Futures 22-08-2022Delisting BTS on Nami Futures 19-08-2022Nami Exchange announces the ONUS USDT Futures revenue sharing policy for NAO Governance Pool 18-08-2022Nami Exchange launches the System Status website 15-08-2022Announcement on display adjustment of Unrealized Futures Profit 03-08-2022Nami Futures updates mechanism for Margin Call and Stop Loss adjustment 02-08-2022Nami Exchange Launches Account Deactivation and adding Margin for Futures 29-07-2022Nami Foundation and Community First Strategy 19-07-2022Announcing the launch of the first season of Onus Futures Racing Top Trading Contest 07-07-2022Looking back the 6th Birthday Anniversary of Nami Exchange 01-07-2022ONUS x Nami: Integrating Futures Trading on ONUS app 13-06-2022Nami Exchange celebrates its 6th Birthday Anniversary with a special promotion series. 31-05-2022Nami Exchange Monthly Recap in May 16-05-2022Nami Exchange launches new version of VNDC Futures 22-04-2022The Recap of Ask Me Anything: ONUS x NAMI 14-04-2022