The Recap of Ask Me Anything: ONUS x NAMI 14-04-2022Ask Me Anything: ONUS x Nami 08-04-2022ONUS x Nami: Strategic Partnership Announcement 07-04-2022Conclusion announcement of the 12 Zodiacs Lucky Wheel 01-03-2022Nami Exchange announces the end of the New Year's Lucky Money and extends the time of the 12 Zodiacs Wheel 15-02-2022Trading Futures get limitless prizes with the 12 Zodiacs Wheel 10-02-2022Nami Exchange airdrop Lunar New Year’s Lucky Money 10-02-2022Announcement of the Nami Exchange’s Refer Master promotion 24-01-2022Update the time of the New Year Celebrations promotion 26-01-2022Claim 200,000 VNDC and iPhone 13 Promax from NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS promotion 26-01-2022Announcement of strategic partnership between Nami Exchange and Fiberblock 26-01-2022Conclusion announcement of Happy Weekend 26-01-2022Nami Exchange released promotion: “Send Feedback Get Tokens” 26-01-2022Introducing Maldives - latest Big Update of Nami Exchange 26-01-2022Nami Launchpad successfully distributed 200,000 KPHI Token - NextGem 26-01-2022Officially opening KPHI Token - NextGem sale on Nami Launchpad 26-01-2022Nami Launchpad successfully distributed 800,000 ITAM Token 26-01-2022Nami Launchpad successfully distributed 1,000,000 LPDi Token 26-01-2022Nami Launchpad airdrops 100,000 LPDi Tokens to community 26-01-2022Officially opening MIST token sale - the first NextGem on Nami Launchpad 26-01-2022Futures Racetrack officially entered the competition phase 26-01-2022Nami Exchange offers 30% off Futures trading fee for players participating in Futures Racetrack 26-01-2022Nami Launchpad successfully distributed 2,500,000 RICE Token 26-01-2022Nami Futures Trading Contest is back with a total prize up to 1 billion VND 26-01-2022Happy Exchange Trading - More trading, more joy 26-01-2022