How to config and use Nami Chart tool?

Dear Nami Community,

In order to increase convenience for users in trading digital asset, Nami Exchange officially launched the Nami Chart tool from 2024-03-12 08:00 (UTC).

With Nami Futures, the Nami Chart tool allows users to directly interact with Orders or Positions right on the chart such as setting and changing SL/TP price milestones, editing volume...

With Spot trading, Nami Chart allows displaying the history of completed buy and sell orders, displaying the user's pending orders for a certain type of digital asset on the same candlestick chart, up to a maximum of 50 orders.

The following article will provide detailed instructions on how to install and use Nami Chart.

Note: Currently the Nami Chart tool being provided is a beta version and is only available with spot and Nami Futures trading on the Nami Exchange mobile application platform, users need to upgrade to the latest version of the application to use this tool (v2.2.1 - 195756).

1. With Futures trading

Enable displaying price lines on candlestick charts:

  • Access the Settings button at the trading interface
  • Enable the "Display price lines of all open positions" option

The candlestick chart interface will display price lines corresponding to open or waiting positions to match the selected trading pair:

  • For active positions, the price line will display the Position ID, Unrealized PNL and Volume
  • For SL/TP orders, the price line will display the Position ID with the % difference between the waiting price to be matched and the market price
  • For positions waiting to be executed (limit/stop market), the price line will display Position ID, Order Type and Volume

Switch between Nami Chart and Trading View charts

To use interactive position features right on the candlestick chart, users please choose to display Nami Chart according to the following instructions:

Click the icon to change chart format, switch to Nami Chart:

Install and edit SL-TP right on the candlestick chart

Click the plus sign (+) or edit icon (pen) next to the SL/TP sign at the price line of the desired position to set or edit the corresponding SL-TP

Add position volume right on the candlestick chart

Click the setting symbol next to the Volume parameter at the price line of the desired position to add the position volume

Cancel pending order

Users can also cancel orders that are waiting to be executed (including orders to open Limit / Stop market positions, limit orders to Add volume, limit orders to Close part of positions) by pressing the Cancel sign (x) at the price line of the corresponding order

2. With Spot trading

Displays order history and pending orders

  • At the candlestick chart interface of Exchange trading, click the chart settings icon to switch between Nami Chart and Trading View
  • With the option to display Nami Chart (Original chart), users can enable or disable displaying Order History and Pending Orders waiting to be matched

Note: Orders matched in time frames that share the same candle will be displayed together at the average buy or sell price at that candle.

Cancel pending orders right on the chart

Users can cancel pending orders by pressing the Cancel sign (x) at the price line of the corresponding order

Note: All images used in the article are for illustration purposes only and may not represent the latest product interface.

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