Nami Exchange officially lists GMX (GMX)

Dear Nami Community,

In order to expand the trading options to users and the community, Nami Exchange would like to announce the spot listing of GMX (GMX) with trading pairs GMX/VNDC and GMX/USDT from 03:00 October 06, 2022 (UTC).

What is GMX?

GMX is a decentralized spot and perpetual exchange that supports low swap fees and zero price impact trades. Trading is supported by a unique multi-asset pool that earns liquidity providers fees from market making, swap fees and leverage trading. Dynamic pricing is supported by Chainlink Oracles and an aggregate of prices from leading volume exchanges.

What are the benefits of holding GMX?

GMX is the platform's utility and governance token, holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits. Staked GMX receives three types of rewards:

  • Escrowed GMX
  • Multiplier Points
  • ETH / AVAX Rewards

Token Information

  • Name: GMX
  • Ticker: GMX
  • Blockchain: Arbitrum, Avalanche
  • Standard: ERC-20, ARC-20
  • Type: Utility, Governance
  • Smart Contract:

– Arbitrum: 0xfc5a1a6eb076a2c7ad06ed22c90d7e710e35ad0a

– Avalanche: 0x62edc0692BD897D2295872a9FFCac5425011c661

About Nami Corporation

Nami Corp. is a FinTech startup operating in the field of Investment and Technology based on Blockchain technology. Over the years, Nami has developed an ecosystem of key products and services to comprehensively support investors, optimize community benefits with the slogan “Change mindset, make giant steps”.


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