Why NAC listed on Waves Platform among other Dex

From February 22, 2019, NAC can be exchanged under symbol Nami on Waves Platform, a public blockchain established on 2016. Waves is the platform for storing, trading, managing and issuing digital assets, easily and securely with support from Waves Smart Contract.

Currently, Waves’ daily trading volume is around 3 million USD, ranking 96 on Coinmarketcap's exchanges. Although Waves is not on top compared with Binance, OKex, Bitfinex in terms of market volume, Nami has found Waves the best option among Dex because of their technical supports, APIs and other facilities for developers, according to Nami CEO Giap Van Dai.

Is trading volume the most important thing to consider when listing?

According report from Blockchain Transparency Institute, vast majority of trading volume on crypto exchanges are fake. Almost all of OKEx’s top 30 traded tokens were engaged in wash trading/ market maker, along with the majority of top 25 trading pairs at Huobi and HitBTC, to a slightly lesser extent. (from Bitcoinist). Only Binance, Bitfinex and Liquid passed this transparency test.

It can be said that this fake trading volume number should not be on top of your consideration for a good exchange where you want your token to be liquidated in reality. Needless to say about huge listing and other service fees.

“Data suggests that an average project spent over $50,000 in listing fees to exchanges on the advisory list this year. This totals over $100 million stolen in 2018 via listing fees, with some exchanges making over $1 million from this alone.”Bitcoinist

In the  meantime, decentralized exchange has become a new trend in crypto world since 2018. Following this trend, Nami had listed NAC on Exrate and decentralized Fork Delta since the beginning of 2018. In comparison, Waves Platform possesses several technical specifications which are in match with Nami's technological requirement and liquidation strategy.

Waves Platform is a public chain with open gateway connecting with other chains, providing essential APIs so that Nami team can easily communicate with the system and connect with our Smart Contract.

Regarding activity and trading volume, Waves is second only to Mercatox. Moreover, traders are able to choose an order from the order book which make Waves different from other Dex. Based on that idea, Nami has created Nami Pool which help NAC holder liquidate their NAC conveniently on Waves.

NAC holders can contribute their NAC into Nami Pool where NAC can be sold at a prefered price. Contributors will earn 50% revenue from Nami Pool in return based on their proportion at the end of month.

Additionally, there’s a plenty of ways for Nami to utilize Waves Platform infrastructure in order to develop both nami.trade's NAC and BitBattle.io's SPIN -  a new product from Nami.

How to transfer NAC to Nami Pool: please visit https://list.nami.trade/ for more details.



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