The first 10 cryptocurrencies listed on

We are very excited to announce to our clients that cryptocurrencies are coming to platform alongside with other types of trading instruments such as Forex, Index and Commodity. We strongly believe that cryptocurrencies will bring a new breeze to the financial market, empowering  people thanks to cutting-edge blockchain technology.For us,, is not just a product, it’s a great opportunity for traders from all over the world to take their trading experience to the next level, a platform where you can enjoy trading with the lowest fees as well as with flexible leverage and 24/7 support. Diversified investment portfolio

  • At, you can monitor and invest in cryptocurrencies, forex, index, commodities using only one platform.

The lowest trading fees

  • We always strive to bring a more justified financial and investment environment to all traders. Thanks to the advantages of blockchain technology, we can offer traders super low trading fees equivalent to just 1/10 of traditional platform’s fees.

Security and transparency

  • Transactions and investments on are all processed by Smart Contract based on blockchain technology. Transaction costs, trading volumes, exchange rates, etc., and literally all data are encoded, decentralized and authenticated by millions of computers worldwide and cannot be interrupted if processed.

TodayStarting today, you can add the 10 cryptocurrencies mentioned below to your watch list, monitor market data, read cryptocurrencies news, and create custom price alerts.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum Classic
  • EOS
  • TRON
  • Qtum

The above cryptocurrencies  are selected by liquidity volume in order to ensure that all cryptocurrencies listed on are viable. The list will be updated gradually. For more details and to start trading on => click here! __ About Nami Corporation: Nami Corp. is a global FinTech Corporation working on Investment and Technology based on Blockchain.  It’s not just a single platform, we have created the whole Ecosystem to help Contributors and Traders around the world to utilize their experience and their money with the slogan “no spread, no swap, no commission”