Officially opening MAN token sale on Nami Launchpad

New update: To ensure a smooth and convenient launchpad buying experience, Nami will temporarily close the off-chain deposit/withdrawal gateway of all tokens with VNDC wallet within 1 hour before launchpad and 1 hour after launchpad, specifically: from 19:00 to 21:00 on June 12, 2021. On-chain deposit/withdrawal transactions are still working normally.After the success of SFO, TPH token, Nami Exchange will officially open sale the next project: MAN token on Nami Launchpad platform at 20:00 (UTC +7), June 12 2021.

Details of token distribution on Nami Launchpad

Starting from 20:00 on June 12, 2021 (UTC +7), Nami will officially open the sale of 2,000,000 MAN tokens through Nami Launchpad platform on website. Users from VIP 0 and above can buy MAN at the first offering price of 1 MAN = 950 VNDC. After completing the distribution process, Nami will immediately open the on-chain deposit/withdrawal portal for this token and listing MAN / VNDC trading pair on Nami Exchange.

Right to buy by account level

MAN distribution program is for all users opening accounts on Nami Exchange, in which the minimum purchase amount at Nami Launchpad is 150 MAN, the maximum number of purchases is applied for each VIP account level according to the following limit:

VIP NAMI levelNumber of NAMIs required to ownRight to buy MAN
VIP 0No requirement2,500
VIP 120,0005,000
VIP 250,00010,000
VIP 3100,00025,000
VIP 4200,00035,000
VIP 5500,00040,000
VIP 61,000,00050,000
VIP 72,000,00065,000
VIP 83,000,00080,000
VIP 95,000,000100,000

VIP level and corresponding buying rights applied to MAN/VNDC pool.


  • Intent opening time of sale lasts for 2 days (ending June 14, 2021), the program may end sooner if the full amount of MAN is distributed.
  • After the end of distribution on Launchpad, Nami Exchange will open the on-chain deposit / withdrawal portal and listing MAN token on Nami Exchange.


  • Token: 100MAN
  • Ticker: MAN
  • Total supply : 80,000,000 MAN
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Blockchain: KardiaChain
  • Token Standard: KRC20

About project 100MAN Cashback

100MAN Cashback is the first cashback application in Vietnam that allows people to earn and own digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum ... when you shop on e-commerce sites or buy airline tickets, book hotel rooms online.Different from the traditional cashback model that focuses on saving when shopping, 100MAN Cashback will give consumers an additional source of income, an investment channel to increase assets through the form of cashback under Cryptocurrency - a liquid and highly profitable asset. These assets have a high liquidity equivalent to cash, but at the same time provide the opportunity to grow assets exponentially in the future.

About MAN Token

The MAN cryptocurrency also known as MAN Token is used in the 100MAN ecosystem and can be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.Value Of MAN Token:

  • Easy to understand and easy to use mechanism
  • Deflation mechanism is applied
  • Bonus mechanism when generating transactions and storing tokens

Token benefits:

  • Staking: All MAN tokens stored in the 100MAN Cashback app will automatically generate interest up to 7% per year and can be paid in VNDC
  • Refund percentage increase: The percentage of cashback on each transaction incurred will increase in rank, based on the amount of MAN Token stored
  • Withdrawal fee: You pay the withdrawal fee in MAN

About Nami Launchpad

Nami Launchpad is a platform of Nami Exchange that helps Blockchain projects raise capital and increase accessibility to users in Nami Corporation’s ecosystem.Nami Launchpad acts as a bridge between Blockchain projects to the community in a strong way. Thereby, investors on Nami Exchange will have a safe investment environment in potential projects.___Download Nami Exchange at:

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