Nami will list VNC Token

In order to expand the portfolio of traders, Nami Exchange will officially list VNC Token with VNCT/VNDC trading pair, allowing users to store and send/receive Off-chain for this property. Customers can start trading these tokens from 16:00 (UTC + 7) on April 7, 2021.

About VNC Token (VNCT)

What is VNC Token?

VNC is a fund certificate issued by VNC Fund Management Company (a company directly managing VNC creative start-up fund) to confirm ownership of a part of capital contributed to investors in the fund. As a member of VNC Fund, TRUST pay Joint Stock Company bought back VNC fund certificates to issue VNC Token (VNCT). Each VNCT is worth the equivalent of 1 VNC fund certificate. Through holding VNCT Token, investors will receive the same benefits as owning VNC fund certificates, including earning up to 15% per year (through the Farming function of VNDC Wallet). The association is entitled to share the profits from the fund's investments.

About VNC Fund

FundCreative Start-up Investment Fund was established on the basis of exploiting intellectual property, focusing on the food chain business model, agricultural production, health care and other technology groups in education, finance, medicine, marketing communication. VNC aims to make long-term investments in start-ups, small and medium enterprises, innovative businesses, businesses with breakthroughs, strong growth, and creating increased investment values. growth 5 times, 10 times, ... in the near future.

What is Fund certificate?

Fund certificates are a type of securities issued by a representative fund management company to confirm the ownership of a portion of contributed capital in a public fund for investors. With the advantage of being strictly managed by fund management companies, supervising banks, and authorities protecting the interests of investors, fund certificates are one of the safe and low-risk investment tools. At the same time, it still meets the expectation of profit maximization and portfolio diversification through entrustment to reputable and professional investment funds.

VNCT Token

  • Ticker: VNCT
  • Token Standard: KRC-20
  • Blockchain: Kardiachain
  • Total Supply: 500,000 VNCT

VNCT has been successfully distributed via the VNDC Launchpad platform of VNDC  with the amount of 500,000 VNCT Token after selling 2 minutes. See more.

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