Nami will list Beam Coin (BEAM), Aion Coin (AION), Travala (AVA)

To expand the portfolio of traders, Nami Corporation would like to announce that Nami Exchange will officially list new tokens BEAM, AION , AVA with trading pairs BEAM/USDT, AION/USDT, AVA/USDT from 14:00 (UTC + 7) on May 7, 2021.

About Beam Coin (BEAM)

What is Beam Coin (BEAM)?

Beam is a decentralized platform that emphasizes privacy, legal security, and network scalability. Blockchain Beam coins can be reduced in size to improve scalability thanks to transactions used under private mode.

Basic information about BEAM

  • Token Token: BEAM
  • Type: Coin, Mineable
  • Blockchain: Beam blockchain
  • Average transaction time: 20 TPS (Maximum 1000 TPS after upgrade)
  • Total Supply: 262,800,000 BEAM Circulating
  • Supply: 21,975,360 BEAM

About Aion Coin (AION)

What is Aion Coin (AION)?

Aion Coin (AION) is the cryptocurrency of the Aion Network Blockchain network. Before Mainet, Aion Coin (AION) was operated on the ERC-20 standard Ethereum platform. However, when Mainet successfully launched on April 25, 2018, Aion Coin (AION) was running on Aion Network's own blockchain.Known as the cryptocurrency of the Blockchain Aion Network. Before Mainet, Aion Coin (AION) was operated on the Ethereum standard ERC-20 platform. However, when Mainet successfully launched on April 25, 2018, Aion Coin (AION) officially ran on Aion Network's own blockchain.

What is AION Token?

AION is seen as the main stream that maintains the operations in the Blockchain network of Aion Network. Some popular applications of AION:

  • Transaction fee: AION is used to pay transaction costs in the blockchain network of Aion Network.
  • Block Rewards: AION is used to award block rewards to Minners for the stable operation and security of the Aion Network.
  • Payments: AION is used to pay for transactions to issue smart contracts on Aion Network's network.

Basic Information about AION

  • Token Token: AION
  • Blockchain: Aion Network
  • Token Type: Coin / Mineable
  • Token Standard: ATS (Aion Token Standard)
  • Average transaction time: 10 seconds.

About Travala (AVA)

What is Travala (AVA)?

Founded in 2017, claims they are the world's leading blockchain-based travel booking platform, offering services with more than 2,000,000 hotels and accommodations in 230 countries at a cheaper price. compared to mainstream travel booking platforms.

What is AVA Token?

AVA is a Binance Chain-based Token that can be used for payment, return, loyalty rewards, discount activation, store of value, and several other use cases.

Basic Information about AVA

  • Token: AVA
  • Blockchain: Binance Chain Circulating
  • Supply: 46,380,017 AVA
  • Total Supply: 61,125,269 AVA

About Nami Corporation

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