Nami Exchange will list TRIBE Token (Tribe)

Dear Nami Community,

Along with the potential and growth of the tokens WAX (WAXP), MOBOX (MBOX), ForTube (FOR), Request Network (REQ)... have been listed, Nami Corporation would like to announce that Nami Exchange officially lists the TRIBE token, with trading pairs TRIBE/VNDC and TRIBE/USDT to further expand the portfolio of users and the community.


  • Exchange Trading with trading pairs TRIBE/VNDC and TRIBE/USDT will open from 17:00 (UTC +7) on August 24, 2021.
  • Deposit portals for TRIBE will open at 17:00 (UTC +7) on August 24, 2021.
  • Withdrawal portals for TRIBE will open at 17:00 (UTC +7) on August 25, 2021.

About Fei Protocol (FEI)

Fei Protocol is a decentralized, fair, liquid and scalable stablecoin platform. Fei Protocol operates on two mechanisms: direct incentives and protocol controlled value (PCV).

Fei Protocol issues 2 tokens:

  • FEI is stablecoin. FEI will be pegged at the value of 1$.
  • TRIBE is the governance token of Fei Protocol

About TRIBE Token?

Tribe (TRIBE) is a governance token of Fei Protocol that issues a decentralized stablecoin FEI that maintains a fixed value of 1 USD. TRIBE can be used to vote on upgrades of Fei Protocol and to adjust the monetary policy of stablecoin FEI.

Fei Protocol's goal is to maintain a liquid market in which its stablecoin FEI trades closely to the ETH/USD price. Fei Protocol achieves this through a stable mechanism known as Direct Incentives.

The protocol has launched a completely decentralized DAO, governed by the governance token TRIBE. TRIBE holders can vote on adding new binding curves in new tokens or adjust the price function of existing (Bonding Curve) curves and adjust the allocation of Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) to the source. new incoming capital or existing PCV fees.

Information about TRIBE

  • Token Name: TRIBE Token
  • Ticker: TRIBE
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 TRIBE
  • Circulating Supply: 453,438,713 TRIBE
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token type: Governance
  • Standard: ERC-20
  • Address contract: 0xc7283b66Eb1EB5FB86327f08e1B5816b0720212B

About Nami Corporation

Nami Futures of Nami Corp was established in Singapore in 2017, specializing in research and development for Crypto and Forex trading solutions.


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