Nami Exchange will list RICE Token (RICE)

In order to expand the trading portfolio for investors, and meet the demand for RICE tokens, Nami Corporation would like to announce that Nami Exchange will officially list RICE Token and RICE/VNDC trading pair immediately after completion of the open sale on Nami Launchpad platform.

In addition, as announced, Nami Exchange will also open the On-chain deposit/withdrawal portal for RICE tokens right after the sale.


  • Token: RICE Token
  • Ticker: RICE
  • Total supply : 1,000,000,000 RICE
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token Standard: ERC20

About Rice Wallet Project

RICE Wallet is an e-wallet application that applies a decentralized finance (defi) model, allowing users to store all types of digital assets with absolute control. RICE Wallet was created to solve existing problems in a new decentralized finance such as poor user experience, complex application system or increased risk of fraud.

By inheriting the outstanding advantages of Blockchain technology, RICE Wallet optimizes to help people access financial investments safely and securely; minimize risk when all transaction information is publicly encrypted and in the hands of users.

About RICE Token

RICE Token is a digital currency built on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) platform, with the vision of becoming an intermediary asset used in the RICE financial ecosystem through the RICE Wallet. Making the most of the advantages and strengths of smart contracts (Smart Contract), RICE Token makes the process of exchanging digital assets easy, fast and secure.

In addition, RICE also becomes a bridge between the founding team and the community, sharing the ownership of the platform to all investors who can own RICE to receive potential benefits. of RICE Token and the RICE DeFi ecosystem.

About Nami Launchpad

Nami Launchpad is a platform of Nami Exchange that helps Blockchain projects raise capital and increase accessibility to users in Nami Corporation’s ecosystem.

Nami Launchpad acts as a bridge between Blockchain projects to the community in a strong way. Thereby, investors on Nami Exchange will have a safe investment environment in potential projects.


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