Nami Exchange will list 127 tokens including XMR, XRP, ZEC, ...

Update: Due to technical reasons, the trading pairs of 127 tokens with the base currency VNDC will be moved to the listing date, the new listing date is 21.07.2021. Nami is very sorry for the inconvenience experienced by users and the community.

Dear Nami Community,

In order to expand the portfolio for the community and users, Nami Corporation would like to announce that Nami Exchange will officially list trading pairs for 127 tokens under 2 base coins USDT and VNDC including: AKRO, ALGO, ANT, AR, ARDR, ARPA, ASR, ATA, ATM, AUTO, BAL, BAND, BAR, BEL, BLZ, BNT, BOND, BTG, BTS, BURGER, BZRX, CELO, CFX, COMP, COS, COTI, CTSI, CTXC, CVC, DATA, DCR, DGB, DNT, DOCK, EGLD, EPS, ERN, FIO, FIRO, FIS, FLM, FORTH, GTC, GXS, HARD, HBAR, HIVE, HNT, ICP, ICX, INJ, JST, JUV, KAVA, KEEP, KEY, KLAY, KMD, KSM, LPT, LRC, LSK, LTO, MASK, MBL, MDT, MDX, MFT, MIR, MITH, MKR, MLN, MTL, NANO, NBS, NKN, NMR, NU, NULS, OCEAN, OG, OM, OMG, ORN, OXT, PAXG, PERP, PHA, POLS, PSG, PUNDIX, REN, REP, RIF, RLC, ROSE, RUNE, RVN, SC, SKL, SNX, STMX, STORJ, STPT, STRAX, SUN, SUPER, SUSHI, TLM, TOMO, TORN, TRB, TRU, UTK, VTHO, WAN, WAVES, WING, WNXM, WTC, XEM, XMR, XRP, XVG, ZEC, ZEN, ZRX

Users can start trading these trading pairs under base coin USDT from 15:00 (Vietnam time) on 16.07.2021 and under base coin VNDC from 15:00 (Vietnam time) on 19.07.2021 with 127 tokens.

Best regards,

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