How to set NAMI token as trading fee and earn 30% discount?

What is NAMI token?

NAMI token is a cryptocurrency that runs throughout the ecosystem of Nami Foundation products, with the role of a central currency used for trading, deducting trading fees and paying rewards to investors and users. Users who set NAMI as trading fee on the Nami Exchange exchange will receive a discount offer of up to 30% of trading fees. The following article will detail how to choose NAMI as a transaction fee on the Nami Exchange.

Set NAMI token as fee on website Nami Exchange

At Nami Exchange, each Spot trade will be subject to a standard fee of 0.1% and Futures trading of 0.06%. Users using NAMI tokens as fee will enjoy 25% discount for Spot trading and 30% for Futures trading. Go to Nami Fee Structure and tick on the box "Using NAMI deduction":

Details trading fees after discount

Spot trading

Futures trading

In case users already set NAMI token as trading fee but the balance of NAMI is insufficient, transaction fee will be charged according to the standard Nami's Fee Structure.

Set NAMI token as fee on Nami Exchange app

Step 1: Select Account at the main interface

Step 2: Select the Fee Schedule

Step 3: At the Fee Schedule interface, users can select the Using NAMI deduction

Step 4: Users can also view the fee rate for Spot and Futures Trading respectively