ONUS x Nami: Integrating Futures Trading on ONUS app

Dear community,

As part of a strategic cooperation agreement to combine the strengths between ONUS and Nami to bring the most useful products / services to investors, at 03:00 today, June 14, 2022 (UTC), we’re so happy to announce the integrating Futures trading on ONUS app.

Users can now deposit and trade Futures directly on the ONUS interface. Price, chart and order information provided and executed at Nami Futures. All assets of users when depositing into Nami Futures wallet will be securely stored on ONUS and can be withdrawn at any time.

You can easily find Futures via the Search button on the main screen.

In addition, ONUS will close the Off-chain deposit/withdrawal port between ONUS and Nami Exchange to prioritize users to trading directly at ONUS and store assets in ONUS.

About Futures Trading

Nami Futures is a platform for investors to trade in Futures contracts and is co-developed by Nami Exchange and ONUS. Nami Futures is a form of derivative trading, allowing users to place orders in anticipation of the price of an asset without actually owning it. If the asset price movement happens as predicted, the investor will benefit from the difference between the predicted price and the actual price (after placing the order) and vice versa.

Futures trading allows everyone to trade two-way (Buy/Long; Sell/Short) in both Bull and Bear markets.

Transaction fee: 0.06% (40% discounted)

Maximum leverage: 125x

Note: Futures Trading is a high-risk form of trading and is usually reserved for experienced investors. Users should research and learn carefully before deciding to participate, and choose the appropriate leverage level when trading.

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About ONUS

ONUS is one of the most popular crypto investment apps in Vietnam with over 2 million downloads and a full ecosystem of financial products for investors. ONUS focuses on optimizing the user experience, redesigning complex financial products so that anyone can understand and start the path of financial investment.

About Nami Exchange

Name Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform to trade over 400 cryptocurrencies. In Vietnam, Nami is well known as the first Exchange providing the Futures product since 2019 as an official partner of Binance Futures. Nami's professional team has built and developed an ecosystem of tools to support optimizing profits for investors comprehensively.

Website: https://nami.exchange/

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