Nami Exchange Monthly Recap in April

Dear Nami Community,

Nami Exchange would like to summarize the updates to Nami Exchange's services and products in April, 2022 as follows:

Nami Weekly Recap #4 (from April 22, 2022 to April 30, 2022)

Nami Exchange will list STEEM, MOB and NEXO

In order to expand the investment portfolio and bring more choices to users and the community, Nami Exchange has announced the listing of Steem (STEEM), MobileCoin (MOB) và Nexo (NEXO) with VNDC and USDT trading pairs since April 29, 2022.

Announcement of opening the maximum limit to receive Daily Staking interest up to 2 billion VNDC

In order to increase benefits for users who own a large amount of VNDC, Nami Exchange has announced that the maximum limit for receiving daily interest with VNDC is 2 billion VNDC, 4 times increase from the old limit. The new limit will be applied from the interest payment period at 03:00 on May 1, 2022 (UTC).


  • The maximum limit to receive interest on USDT assets remains unchanged at 20,000 USDT
  • The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of the Daily Staking program remains unchanged, at 12.79% for VNDC and 6% for USDT
  • The referral commission mechanism applied to Daily Staking with VNDC assets is also unchanged, at 20% of the actual daily profit received by the referrer.

Nami Exchange supports converting GXS token to REI

Nami Exchange announces the support for converting GXS tokens to REI from 04:00 on April 25, 2022 (UTC).

Nami Exchange launches new version of VNDC Futures

In order to support as well as maximize the user experience in Futures trading, Nami Exchange officially launched a new version of VNDC Futures with many outstanding upgrades. At the same time, from 05:00 on April 23, 2022 (UTC), Nami Exchange will maintain some features to serve this upgrade.

Nami Weekly Recap #3 (from April 14, 2022 to April 21, 2022)

Nami Exchange announces CAKE-11-1504 token auto conversion

After going through the prediction period, CAKE token did not reach 11 USDT price, that means token prediction CAKE-11-1504 will be converted at the price of 50 VNDC as announced previously.

Nami Exchange announces opening of deposits and withdrawals with VNDC BEP-20

In order to support users in trading with VNDC tokens, from 03:00 (UTC) on April 14, 2022, Nami Exchange officially opened deposits and withdrawals with VNDC BEP-20 standard.

Nami Weekly Recap #2 (from April 07, 2022 to April 14, 2022)

Ask Me Anything: ONUS x Nami

In order to give the investor community at ONUS the opportunity to deliver questions and get answers about Nami Futures v2 products, ONUS invited Mr. Giap Van Dai - Founder and CEO of Nami Exchange to a special AMA at 13:00 April 13, 2022 (UTC)

NAMI token officially listed on CoinMarketCap

In order to increase the convenience of users in tracking the fluctuations of the NAMI token, from 08:00 on April 12, 2022 (UTC) NAMI token has been officially listed on CoinMarketCap.

NAMI token officially listed on Pancakeswap with trading pair NAMI/BNB

In order to create more convenience for users in trading NAMI tokens, Nami Exchange announced the listing of NAMI tokens with the NAMI/BNB trading pair from 07:00 on April 10, 2022 (UTC).

Nami Weekly Recap #1 (from April 01, 2022 to April 07, 2022)

ONUS x Nami: Strategic Partnership Announcement

This cooperation aims to combine the strengths of both platforms to deploy valuable products and services to users and promote the joint development of the Vietnamese blockchain/crypto community, especially the blockchain community, in the context of Nami Exchange preparing to launch an upgraded Nami Futures version 2.0.

Nami Exchange will list GENE, XCAD, MOOV

In order to expand the investment portfolio and bring more choices to users and the community, Nami Exchange announced the listing of 3 new tokens with USDT and VNDC trading pairs, including: Genopets (GENE), XCAD Network (XCAD), Dotmoovs (MOOV) from 07:00 April 06, 2022 (UTC).

Nami Exchange burns 5 million NAMI tokens on Ethereum (ERC-20) to release on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

In order to serve the purpose of future product development and listing NAMI token to Coinmarketcap, Nami Exchange has completed the burning of 5 million ERC-20 standard tokens and issued 5 million BEP-20 standard NAMI tokens from 03:00 on April 10, 2022 (UTC).

Nami Futures will list 17 new USDT and VNDC trading pairs

In order to expand the investment portfolio and bring more choices to users and the community, Nami Futures has announced the listing of new USDT and VNDC Futures trading pairs for the tokens in the following list from 07:00 (UTC) on April 02, 2022.

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