Trading Nami Futures on Nami Exchange application

Futures transactions are one of the typical products of Nami Exchange trading floor that many users trust and use, with friendly interface, finishing features, high stability. The following article will guide the details of Futures transactions on Nami Exchange application.


From Home screen, click Nami Futures to start using the product:


Step 1: Set the leverage for position, Nami Futures currently supports leverage up to x125

Step 2: Enter the volume of the position

Step 3 (Optional): Enter the price of stop-loss (SL) and take-profit (TP)

Tips: Users can check the "Suggested SL-TP" box so that the system suggests the SL-TP suitable prices, fluctuating in the threshold of profit ratio (+/-) 50%-60% of the margin

Step 4: Select the "Buy/Long" or "Sell/Short" button depending on your needs to complete the order placement.

Tips: In case the user needs to quickly transfer assets from the Exchange wallet to the Futures wallet, click on the "+" sign at the Available index so that the screen will be brought to the transfer between wallets interface.


With Nami Futures, users can freely edit the parameters of the activated position, including SL-TP editing, adding volume, adding margins or partially closed positions

1.Adjust SL-TP

Select "Modify SL-TP" to adjust the new SL-TP prices for the position

2.Add Volume and Add Margin

Select "Adjust position" to open the interface of adding volume and margin for the position


  • Add Volume is an act of creating new order to merge into the position , this can change the position parameters of volume, margin, leverage, open price, liquidation price
  • Add Margin is an act of purely increasing margin value for position, this does not change the volume, leverage and open price


In Nami Futures, there are two forms of closing the position as follows:


The position will automatically close in the following cases:

  • Market price of the contract hits SL or TP
  • Market price of the contract hits or exceeds liquidation price, when the negative profit of the position exceeds the margin


Users can choose to proactively close whole or part of the position volume.

Close the entire position: Click "Close" or "Close All" to send the request to close the entire position at the market price.

Partially close a position: Move the "Partial Close" button in the "Close" function of the transaction to choose to partially close the position, enter the order type you want to close according to the market or limit at "Customized", enter the block the amount you want to close and the price you want to close (with an order to partially close a limit position), then click "Confirm" to complete.


Users can check in detail the adjustments as well as the parameters of the position by clicking on each position that is activating at the Position interface, or clicking on each position closed in the Order History interface.