Copy Trade: A Guide for Trading Copiers

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In order to provide more convenient trading tools for users, Nami Exchange officially launched the Copy Trade product from 2024-04-03 08:00 (UTC).

Copy Trade is a trading strategy in which a trader copies trades made by another trader (usually called pro trader / master / expert) in the market. The goal of Copy trade is for that trader to have the same position as the Master they are copying and enjoy trading profits without actively manipulating the order. The trading Master will also receive a profit share from his/her copiers.

When launched, Copy Trading on Nami Exchange will support Futures trading contracts of assets: BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, EOS, LTC, ETC, LINK, ADA, BNB with per position parameters follow the General Trading Rules for each trading pair. This list will be continuously updated over time.

The following article will provide useful information and detailed instructions on using the Copy Trade product for Copiers.

Basic information

1. Copy mode:

There are 2 copying modes in Copy Trade, including: Position Ratio and Per Order.

  • Copying Mode by Position Ratio: User will set the Copy Balance for the selected Master. Whenever user copies a Master, the ratio of that position's margin to the Copier's balance will be the same as the Master's ratio.

For example: If the Master Copy Trading account has a balance of 1,000 USDT and uses 30% of the balance, or 300 USDT as margin, with x5 leverage to open a Long BTC/USDT position , Copiers will also use 30% of their balance (say 100 USDT), or 30 USDT as margin with x5 leverage and open a corresponding Long BTC/USDT position.

  • Copy mode Per Order: User sets a fixed margin amount per copy order. Whenever a user copies a Master, the margin used for each time the Copier opens a position will be at a fixed amount pre-set by the Copier.

For example: If the Copier sets the margin for a fixed copy trade to 10 USDT and the Master goes long on BTC/USDT, the system will go long on BTC/USDT for the Copier with a margin of 10 USDT regardless of the rate of the Master's margin/balance.

2. Important notice for Copiers

  • When a position is being copied, it will be instructed by the Master who opened the position. For example, when the Master edits the SL/TP, adds volume, partially closes... the Copier's copying position will also work in the same way.
  • For Add Volume and Partially Closing orders from Masters, the user's copy order will always be processed based on the volume ratio of the Add Volume and Partially Closing order compared to the original order opened by the Master.
  • For Add Margin orders from Masters, the user's copied order will always be executed based on the margin ratio of the Add Margin order compared to the original position opened by the Master.

For example: Master opens original order with Volume 10,000 USDT, then Adds Volume at 90,000 USDT, bringing the total Volume of the position to 100,000 USDT. At that time, the user will be automatically asked to open an Add volume order at a volume level x9 compared to the original order volume. In case the user's balance is no longer sufficient for new order margin, the Add Volume order will not be executed.

  • Copiers can always adjust the parameters related to the copied position such as adjusting SL/TP, adding margin, partially or completely closing the copied position
  • If at the same time both Masters and Copiers send copy position operation requests to the system, the system will process them with timing priority in the order that the operations requested first are processed first
  • Users can fully actively trade Futures products at the same time, whether they copy trades from Masters or not, profits from manual trades will not be affected by copied trades.
  • The Copier's opening price, closing price and profit percentage may differ from that of the Master due to objective factors such as market volatility or insufficient market depth. Spreads will become more significant in harsh market conditions.
  • Like many other derivative trading products, Copy Trade has high risks. Depending on market conditions and other objective factors, requests to copy orders from Masters may not be fulfilled. Users need to give special consideration before using the product, please read the Copy Trade Terms of Services carefully.
  • According to the general regulations of Copy Trade products, there will be a certain percentage of the profits (*) of all orders copied from the Master will be redistributed as bonus to the Master and his/her referral network. This profit will be summarized and distributed every Sunday at 17:00 (UTC).

(*) The first version of the Copy Trading product will fix the sharing rate for Masters and his/her referral system at 10%

  • From 2024-04-17 17:00 (UTC), users will be automatically cancelled copying when there are no copied trades from a certain Master within 07 days, counted from the moment the user starts Copying trades from an Master, or from the last copied trade from that Master.

3. Profit shares calculation formula for Copy Trade Masters

For each completed copy trades, the system will automatically calculate the Accumulated Profit (including trading fees calculated in the underlying asset or converted from fees calculated in other types of assets)) and retain a certain percentage of this profit. When finalizing at 17:00 every Sunday (UTC), the above profits will be transferred to Masters and his/her referral system.

For example:

Assuming the Master's profit share is 10%, the copied orders during the week have Profit as follows:

  • Copy order No.1 has Profit of 500 USDT, Accumulated Profit of 500 USDT, Temporary Locked Profit of 50 USDT
  • Copy order No.2 has Profit of 1,000 USDT, Accumulated Profit of 1,500 USDT, Temporary Locked Profit of 150 USDT
  • Copy order No.3 has Profit of -300 USDT, Accumulated Profit of 1,200 USDT, Temporary Locked Profit of 120 USDT

At settlement time of 17:00 next Sunday (UTC), the system will transfer 120 USDT to the Master and the Master's community partner system.

Detailed instructions

1. Copy a Master

Step 1: Access the “Copy Trade” feature

On mobile app: From the “Services” interface, select Copy Trade icon

On website: Select "Product" sections, click "Copy Trade"

Step 2: Select the Futures product you want to copy

Step 3: Select Underlying Asset

Step 4: Select the Trading Master you want to copy

  • Select the Master
  • Select the "Copy"

Step 5: Select the mode you want to copy

  • Choose copy modes: Position ratio or Per order
  • Enter copy trade margin
  • Enter allowable slippage settings (If desired)
  • Enter copy order execution delay limit settings (If desired)

Step 6: Choose trading pairs (If desired)

Step 7: Select “Copy"

2. View detailed trading performance of each Master

From the Copy Trade interface, users can also click on each Master to monitor the Master's trading performance

Trading performance details will show many parameters in the form of charts and figures, such as ROI, Profit, Trading data and a list of users who are copying experts

3. Edit copy settings

Step 1: Access My Masters interface

Step 2: Select the Trading Master you want to edit copy settings, select “Edit"

Step 3: Edit parameters of copy mode, margin, safety settings, trading pairs... and select "Save"

4. Stop copying

Users can stop copying a Masters by going to My Masters, clicking on Master details and "Stop Copying", then "Confirm"

Note: All images used in the article are for illustration purposes only and may not represent the latest product interface.

Further information:

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Note: Nami reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

Risk Warning: Futures trading carries substantial risk and the possibility of both significant profits and losses. Past gains are not indicative of future returns. All of your margin balance may be liquidated in the event of extreme price movements. The information here should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from Nami. All trading strategies are used at your discretion and your own risk. Nami will not be liable to you for any loss that might arise from your use of Futures.

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