The Recap of Ask Me Anything: ONUS x NAMI

Summary and announcement of awards
At 20:00 on April 13, 2022, the AMA program jointly implemented by ONUS and Nami took place on ONUS fanpage and was a great success with great attention from the community. Important topics in the AMA:

  1. Impressive numbers about Nami Exchange and Nami Futures:
  • The total number of Nami registered users is more than 210,000, of which the total number of Nami Futures users is approximately 10,000.
  • Total Futures trading volume reached nearly 4 thousand 500 billion VNDC with nearly 680,000 successful transactions

2. Notable upgrades with VNDC Futures products

  • The upgrade of VNDC Futures will have a completely new interface, more intuitive, easier to use, suitable for beginners as well as seasoned traders.
  • The new VNDC Futures will launch an order adjustment history feature, helping users to easily check trading orders with opening, closing, and adjusting take profit-stop loss (SL-TP) operations.
  • VNDC Futures new version is upgraded to 30% performance, bringing smoother experience and faster order processing speed

3. Highlights of USDT Futures New Version:

  • Manage orders by position instead of order: managing orders by position gives more options for users to adjust order parameters
  • Allow margin in two forms cross and isolated: with the newly launched cross margin form, users can easily manage open transactions in the same position, flexible margin with all assets in the Futures wallet
  • Support for margin adjustment, SL-TP score, partial position closing: users can arbitrarily close open positions, adjust position parameters at different margin levels
  • Support Hedge mode, allowing to open Long Short orders with 1 trading pair at the same time, providing flexibility in the fast volatile market when users can catch the adjustment of the trading pair without missing long term trend

4. Benefits of users who hold NAMI token

  • 25% discount when using NAMI token to pay transaction fees.
  • Upgrade VIP to get 60% discount at the highest VIP level
    Future perks for VIP members:
  • Preferential purchase rights with Nami Launchpad and Prediction Tokens - new product with capital x3 mechanism
  • Experience new products from the beta, easily or personally invest to maximize profits

5. New Product - Token Prediction

  • Token Prediction is a new investment model researched and developed by Nami.Exchange, designed to help users automatically earn profits from each analysis using Nami's algorithm.
  • With a unique mechanism, Token Prediction offers x3 investment opportunity for token holders when the price of the underlying token hits a certain milestone in a given time.

6. Advantages of trading on Nami Exchange

  • Buy and sell VNDC easily through the business partner system, bringing more favorable crypto access opportunities for new users
  • Spreads are at the lowest in the market, bringing higher profits for investors
  • Low transaction fees, especially when using NAMI tokens as fees and holding NAMI increases VIP level
  • VNDC Futures derivatives products are especially suitable for Vietnamese users
  • 24/7 community care team on Telegram, Facebook channels, user support channels on Nami Exchange website and app

Congratulations to the following 5 people who had the best question with a reward of 20 USDT each.

1. Lương Đức

2. Trần Đức Trường

3. Phạm Hòa

4. Hanh Dung Nguyen

5. Nguyễn Nhật Trường

The reward will be transferred directly to the user's wallet address according to the information in the question form.

Phần thưởng sẽ được chuyển trực tiếp vào địa chỉ ví của người dùng theo thông tin tại form câu hỏi.

Đồng thời, xin chúc mừng 5 khán giả đã trả lời đúng và nhanh nhất 5 câu hỏi trong minigame từ chương trình.

1. Huỳnh Đông

2. Thanh Tuấn

3. Phạm Hữu Hải

4. Yane Han

5. Linh My