Nami Exchange - Official Sponsor of GM Vietnam 2024

Nami Exchange is honored to be a Sponsor of the GM Vietnam 2024 event. With the goal of building and developing the blockchain and digital assets community in Vietnam, Nami Exchange hopes to contribute to the success of this event.

Building on the spirit and success that Nami Foundation achieved at the GM Vietnam 2023 event, Nami Exchange promises to bring special and unmissable experiences to the guests attending GM Vietnam 2024 with distinctive, interesting, and meaningful activities, along with valuable gifts that cannot be missed.

GM Vietnam 2024 is an important blockchain technology event aimed at promoting progress and sharing knowledge within the Web3 community, organized by Kyros Ventures, Ninety Eight, and Ancient 8, with support from the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA).

Event information:

  • Location: Thiskyhall Sala Conference Center, 5th Floor, 10 Mai Chi Tho, Sala Urban Area, Thu Thiem, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Time: From 2024.06.07 09:00 to 2024.06.07 17:30

Event schedule:

  • Day 1: 2024.06.07 - Topic: "Exploring Web3"
  • Day 2: 2024.06.08 - Topic: "Towards the Future of Web3"

The event gathers a lineup of renowned speakers, including top experts and leaders in the Blockchain industry such as: the CEO of Tether (USDT), the CEO of Axie Infinity, the Founder of Klaytn, the Co-Founder of Wintermute, the Co-Founder of Polygon,... It promises to provide in-depth knowledge, experiences, and the potential for the development of Blockchain in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Nami Exchange will be present at the GM Vietnam 2024 event, with the participation of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Nam (Tuna Nguyen) - COO at Nami Foundation as a speaker.

Join with Nami to explore exciting activities and receive exclusive special gifts at the Nami Exchange booth.

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