Introducing SB Nami Bronze Drum and SB GM Vietnam - Celebrating GM Vietnam 2024

GM Vietnam 2024 is approaching, one of the most important annual blockchain technology events, a place to connect, meet and share knowledge within the Web3 community. Proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the event, Nami Exchange is pleased to launch SB Nami Bronze Drum and SB GM Vietnam - gifts for Nami users and event attendees to join the upcoming GM Vietnam 2024 event.

  1. About SB Nami Bronze Drum and SB GM Vietnam

Inspired by the Dong Son bronze drum, a unique cultural symbol of Vietnam and the emblem of the GM Vietnam event, SB features a design that blends modern and traditional elements, reflecting the connection between people, technology, and the future.

Guided by the philosophy of putting people first in technology in general and blockchain technology in particular, Nami aims to bring this gift imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity and deep meaning to Nami users and event attendees from both domestic and international backgrounds.

2. Detailed Information about SB

SB Nami Bronze Drum

2.1 Mechanism

Subject: All Nami Exchange users

Quantity: 1,000 SB

Distribution: Users who trade Spot, Futures (NAO Futures and Nami Futures), or Nami Insurance and meet the following conditions during the program period will receive 1 SB Drum:

  • Spot: Users with a Spot trading volume of 100,000 VNST or 5 USDT.
  • Futures: Users with a cumulative Futures trading volume of 1,000,000 VNST or 50 USDT.
  • Nami Insurance: Users who open a Nami Insurance contract with a minimum deposit of 100,000 VNST or 5 USDT.

SB will be automatically transferred to the user's Nami Infinity wallet after the user claims it.

2.2 Benefits

SB Nami Bronze Drum is a special gift that Nami wants to give to all our users to celebrate GM Vietnam 2024. User is able to own SB Peace Dove permanently, and can use this SB as the avatar profile for your Nami Exchange account.

2.3 Timeline

From 2024.06.02 17:00 to 2024.06.08 17:00 (UTC) or until the numbers of SB are distributed completely.

Notes: Trading profit is calculated as the sum of Nami Futures and NAO Futures, separately for VNST and USDT trading volume from the time of application. Users can track in Futures Statistics.

SB GM Vietnam

2.1 Mechanism

Subject: All Nami Exchange users

Quantity: 500 SB

Distribution: New users who register an account at the GM Vietnam event through the QR code will receive 1 SB GM Vietnam. SB will be automatically transferred to the user's Nami Infinity wallet after the user successfully registers a new account.

2.2 Benefits

  • SB GM Vietnam is an exclusive gift that Nami is giving to attendees of GM Vietnam 2024.
  • The first 500 users to own SB GM Vietnam after activation will receive 200,000 VNST to their NAO Futures wallet for experience.
  • Users can also use SB GM Vietnam as a profile picture for their Nami Exchange account.

2.3 Timeline

  • Activation deadline: 7 days from the time of receiving SB GM Vietnam
  • Usage period after activating: Permanently
  • Distribution time: From 2024.06.06 17:00 to 2024.06.07 17:00 (UTC), or until all SB are distributed.


  • SB activation condition: Users must successfully KYC Nami Exchange account to activate SB GM Vietnam.
  • Condition to withdraw the 200,000 VNST experience reward: Achieve a cumulative NAO Futures trading volume equivalent to over 500,000,000 VNST.

Best Regards.

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