Update new version of nami.exchange

Initiated from SPIN Exchange where BitBattle users can buy/sell SPIN used in battle rooms and make more money, nami.exchange has been developed to become a digital assets exchange platform like BTC, ETH, altcoins and other tokens.

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The previous SPIN Exchange[/caption]

In the very first update, nami.exchange will support exchange of altcoins which users win from BitBattle Altcoin Rewards. This a new battle mode from BitBattle that awards users a random amount of Altcoins for each of their correct choice, like XRP, KNC, TOMO, XLM. Before, these altcoins are able to be converted to ETH only (on BitBattle automatic conversion) for further SPIN purchase on SPIN Exchange to go battles or withdraw (in ETH, with several kinds of fee like converting and withdrawal fees).

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bitbattle auto convert[/caption]

BitBattle convertCurrently, on nami.exchange new version, users can exchange their Altcoins directly to SPIN (to go battles) or to their favorite tokens. Especially, nami.exchange costs you only 1 SPIN/transaction (about $1, depending on SPIN price), more reasonable than 10% converting fee.

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new nami.exchange[/caption]

At first, nami.exchange will list ETH, SPIN pairing with BTC, DAI, XRP, XLM, KNC, KAT, DAI, DOGE, FNX (current tokens in BitBattle wallet).

Transaction fees on nami.exchange:

  • 10 SPIN/transaction for the seller buy the time order is placed
  • When the seller cancels his selling order, transaction fee will be returned if the order is still on the order book with full original amount

In the next few weeks, nami.exchange will open gateway for depositing and withdrawing ERC-20 tokens and BTC. Stay tuned for the update!

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