SPIN Partner Program - UP to 10% Commission

SPIN Partner Program - UP to 10% Commission designed to support the upcoming event of Nami - SPIN opens token sale on Nami Exchange 15/06/2019 You can easily get the tempting commission once any friend or partner you introduce to Nami has SPIN transactions. Particularly, the program is as follows: When introducing 01 SPIN user via your referral link, you have already been a Partner. When he/she also introduces 01 SPIN user via their own referral links, you are upgraded to a S-Partner, and he/she shall be a Partner.

Commission program for Partner & S-Partner
  • Commission designed for Partner:
  1. 5% commission when introducing 01 SPIN buyer on Nami LaunchPad
  2. 7.5% commission when he/she has any transaction on Nami Exchange
  3. 7.5% commission when he/she uses SPIN on Bitbattle.io
  • Commission designed for S-Partner:
  1. Commission as Partner’s (get the commission when your Partner buys, exchanges on Nami Exchange or Bitbattle)
  2. 5% commission when Partner introduces 01 SPIN TPO buyer on Nami LaunchPad
  3. 7.5% commission when Partner introduces 01 trader on Nami Exchange or SPIN user on Bitbattle.io

Example: A registers on Nami Launchpad. B registers a new account via  A referral link and buys SPIN (or uses SPIN). A will become Partner. Then there are 10 new users registering via B referral link and buying SPIN, A will be upgraded to S-Partner and B becomes Partner, and the commission for S-Partner and Partners is calculated as follows:

How to become a Partner & S-Partner?

Register your Nami account here Step 1: Get your referral link here

Step 2: Encourage your partner/friend to register an account via your referral link. Step 3: Getting commission when your partner utilizes or exchange SPIN. Click here for more details Join us on Telegram https://t.me/bitbattlevn, please kindly contact us via @namicare to become our valued SPIN partner. If you have any problem about Partner Program, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

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