Officially opening MIST token sale - the first NextGem on Nami Launchpad

Dear Nami Community,

In order to discover potential blockchain projects, and give users and communities the opportunity to participate in investments at attractive prices compared to the market, Nami Exchange officially opened for sale and distribution of the next project's token: MIST token - the first NextGem on Nami Launchpad at 20:00 on 05.08.2021 with pool MIST / VNDC.

1. What is NextGem?

NextGem is a group of potential projects, which are on limited sale on Nami Launchpad.

NextGem projects have the following features:

  • The project token has huge potential for price growth because it is not listed on popular centralized exchanges (CEX)
  • The token sale price on Nami Launchpad is lower than the market price and is only announced 1 hour before the opening sales time
  • A subject to apply the Daily Staking program on Nami Exchange with APY up to 200%

2. Daily Staking with MIST tokens on Nami Exchange

With the first NextGem project - MIST token, Nami Exchange will apply daily staking to users holding MIST on Nami Exchange within the first week after the sale.

Nami Exchange applies an APY 150% interest rate, corresponding to a daily interest ratio of 1 : 20 (1 MIST yields 20 VNDC per day).

Specifically, after completing the sale on 05.08.2021, the system will start calculating interest from 10:00 on 06.08.2021 for Nami Exchange accounts holding MIST tokens in Nami wallet.

The system will start paying interest automatically every day from 10:00 on 07.08.2021 to the user's wallet. The last interest payment is at 10:00 on 13.08.2021.

More information: Introducing the MIST project: MIST NFT and information about MIST token

3. Details of token distribution on Nami Launchpad

Starting from 20:00 on 05.08.2021 (Vietnam time), Nami will officially open a limited sale of 100,000 MIST tokens through Nami Launchpad on the website platform. Users from VIP 0 and above can purchase MIST. The price is only announced 1 hour before the opening time at 19:00 on 05.08.2021, guaranteed to be lower than the market price at the time of announcement.

After completing the distribution process, Nami will open the on-chain deposit/withdrawal portal on Nami Exchange and list the MIST/VNDC trading pair at 21:00 (Vietnam time) on 05.08.2021.

In order to ensure the stability of transactions at the time of Launchpad, Nami Exchange will close the off-chain deposit/withdrawal portal with VNDC wallet from 19:00 to 21:00 on 05.08.2021 (Vietnam time).

4. Right to buy by account level

MIST token distribution program for all users who open an account on Nami Exchange, in which the minimum purchase amount at Nami Launchpad is 20 MIST, the maximum purchase amount is applied to each VIP account level according to the following limit:

VIP NAMI LevelNumber of NAMIs required to ownRight to buy MIST
VIP 0No requirement100
VIP 120,000200
VIP 250,000400
VIP 3100,000500
VIP 4200,000800
VIP 5500,0001,000
VIP 61,000,0001,200
VIP 72,000,0001,800
VIP 83,000,0002,000
VIP 95,000,0002,500

VIP level and corresponding buying rights applied to MIST/VNDC pool


  • Intent opening time of sale lasts for 1 hour (ending at 21:00 on 05.08.2021), the program may end sooner if the full amount of MIST is distributed.


  • Token name: Mist NFT Token
  • Ticker: MIST
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Contract Address: 0x68E374F856bF25468D365E539b700b648Bf94B67
  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 MIST


Mist NFT is a monster fighting role-playing NFT game platform (Action RPG) genre combining the “Play to Earn” model built on Binance Smart Chain.The game revolves around NFTs, Staking and Farming. Built with Unity using the Mist NFT Game Framework (MNGF). The project offers players the ability to role-play with five character classes (Crusader, Enchanter, Ranger, Shapeshifter and Witch Hunter) with various combat skills and spells.


About Token MIST

MIST is the project's native token. MIST is used as in-game currency, trading NFTs, allowing players to farm and stake to earn rewards both inside and outside the game.The main purpose of the MIST token is to buy and exchange NFTs both in-game and for many other activities. Participants can list their NFTs for sale and exchange them for MIST tokens through in-game auctions.


About Nami Launchpad

Nami Launchpad is a platform of Nami Exchange to help Blockchain projects call for investment capital and Increasing accessibility to users in the ecosystem of Nami Corporation.

Nami Launchpad acts as a bridge between Blockchain projects to the community in a strong way. Thereby, investors on Nami Exchange will have a safe investment environment in potential projects.


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