ONUS x Nami: NAO Futures VNDC – Nami Championship season 3 rankings and rewards

At 17:00 on January 1, 2023 (UTC), the NAO Futures VNDC - Nami Championship season 3 has officially ended. The tournament has attracted the participation of thousands of players, becoming an indispensable spiritual food for users who love trading Futures and motivating users to trade NAO Futures with the base currency VNDC

Today, January 3, 2023, Nami Foundation in collaboration with ONUS announced the results of the winners of the NAO Futures VNDC - Nami Championship season 3, along with the NAO Futures 2022 awards.

Individual Leaderboard by Trading Volume

Team Leaderboard and 2022 Awards

Congratulations to the Individuals/Teams for the excellent performance in this competition. The reward will be directly transferred to the ONUS Futures account of the winning Individuals/Teams within 24 hours from the time of announcement.

Prize Structure

Individual Prize

Team Prize

2022 Award

  • Highest Profit Rate in 2022: 20,000 NAO
  • Largest trading volume in 2022: 20,000 NAO
  • Largest number of trading positions in 2022: 20,000 NAO

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Nami reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

Risk Warning: Futures trading carries substantial risk and the possibility of both significant profits and losses. Past gains are not indicative of future returns. All of your margin balance may be liquidated in the event of extreme price movements. The information here should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from Nami. All trading strategies are used at your discretion and your own risk. Nami will not be liable to you for any loss that might arise from your use of Futures.

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