Nami Technical updates November 8, 2018

Convert and Withdrawal functions have been updated completely on “The Battle of Bitcoin" which enable gamers to exchange rewarded tokens and transfer to personal wallets. Additionally, Nami will soon introduce new game mode called “Challenge” giving you more opportunities to earn valuable tokens and great honours.15/ Update 15: New functions Convert and Withdrawal for Nami gameGamers are able to convert their rewards, like DOGE or XLM, to preferable token for their convenience.

Below is the list of your rewards in DOGE, XLM or BTC. Your rewards can be exchanged to ETH at Coinbase exchange rate by the time of conversion.

ETH will be stored on gamers’ accounts at their disposal. You can choose to withdraw at any time or spend on new game mode “Challenge” which is anticipated to open soon.

History of reward convert is recorded real time

After conversion, ETH can be withdrawn to personal wallet at any time. Minimum amount for each withdrawal is $30.

Withdrawal transactions are processed and verified on Ethereum blockchain, so there is transaction fee charged accordingly.

Withdrawal history for your tracking

In the next few days, new game mode “Challenge” will be launched on “The Battle of Bitcoin”. Stay in touch with us for more fun and fact!



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