Nami Technical updates November 14, 2018

On November 13rd, Nami introduced a brand new mode “Challenge" on the Bitcoin Battle platform though a livestream with Nami CEO Giap Van Dai and crypto KOL CJ from Crypto Japan.After launching the Bitcoin Battle with basic trading mode, a new type of combat named “Challenge” is added on the platform. Users will compete with each other in the Challenge room in order to find the winner who performed the best. The winner will receive rewards from the Challenge Reward Box.

In order to participate in the match, users need to contribute to the Challenge Reward Box by their ETH which is set by the Room Host in advance when he/she creates the Room. Leader board and Details of each room will be displayed as below.

Sign up now and enjoy one of the most thrilling Bitcoin Battles at in the livestream, Nami opened Airdrop program upto $4000 in value for the early birds who register the Bitcoin Battle soon. Especially, in preparation for the upcoming campaign, female traders will be offered special promotions like opportunities for x2 SPIN and many other benefits.Link livestream is here: in touch with us for further updates from the Bitcoin Battle!



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