Nami Technical Updates December 6, 2018

Exclusive Challenge room “Conquest BitBattle" with reward 1 ETH

SPIN productive mechanism from

BitBattle integrated with Virtual Assistant Nami Assistant

In the latest update, BitBattle has created new mode called “Conquest BitBattle" in which awards the champion with 1 ETH without contribution. The special room will be opened from 20h30 - 22h30 GMT+7 everyday for 200 participants only.

Each will receives a specific amount of Contest SPIN on entering the room and 's no need to devote their ETH to the pool (as in normal Challenge rooms). Contest SPINs can be used for “Conquest BitBattle" only (1 SPIN/1 turn) and cannot be transferred among accounts. When they used up all Contest SPIN, they would resort to their own SPIN to continue the match.

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How is SPIN born in BitBattle?

SPIN (BitBattle internal token) is generated upon depositing ETH/BTC into BitBattle. The conversion rate is 25% which means 25% value of ETH/BTC deposited will create a specific amount of SPINs for the users. By this way, every contributors to the platform can earn benefits from the system development.

SPIN usages include:

  • Used in the Challenge rooms in order to win rewards upto 1 ETH ( 1 SPIN/turn)
  • Exchanged on SPIN Market for ETH

SPIN circulation amount is determined by ETH/BTC deposit amount to BitBattle and is “burned” in the Challenge rooms. Therefore, the more Challenge rooms are opened, the more SPINs are “burned” leading to SPIN scarcity on market. This is the basic mechanism for SPIN price to go up on SPIN Market.

Let’s take an example:

One user deposits 1 ETH to join a Challenge room with 19 persons, 0.25 ETH will generate SPIN at preferable rate to be used in the Challenge rooms. If he/she is good enough to become the champion, he/she will receive 20 ETH in reward. At the same time, the number of SPIN burned in the room will be 120 SPIN * 20 person = 2400 SPIN/ room within 120 minutes of competition. The more Challenge rooms appear, the higher speed of burning SPIN becomes. Then the price of SPIN will be supported on SPIN Market.

Moreover, BitBattle also has commission mechanism for referred users who deposit ETH/BTC under a leader (minimum is 5%). Visit to enjoy and get your referral code.

Get your BitBattle account connected with Nami Assistant

Users now are able to integrate BitBattle account with Virtual Assistant Nami Assistant so that she can help you manage your activities and account conveniently, like notice through Facebook messenger (You won 1 ETH from the “Conquest BitBattle", or “The challenge is about to start! Get ready now!”, for instance).



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