Nami opens VNDC transactions on the KardiaChain (KAI mainnet)

VNDC is one of the base exchange tokens on the Nami Exchange. In order to improve user experience as well as increase liquidity with VNDC, from 11 March 2021 Nami Exchange officially supports VNDC on the KardiaChain.

What is KardiaChain?

Kardiachain is an open Blockchain platform with multi-chain connectivity, founded by a team of Vietnamese experts and engineers with many years of experience working in London, USA. The outstanding solution that KardiaChain creates is that through Dual Node, blockchains can be linked together, regardless of protocol differences. This creates a convenience for businesses and government in the process of managing and sharing information, helping to optimize the utility of each blockchain while ensuring transparency and security.Outstanding advantages of VNDC on the KardiaChain platform:

  • One of the outstanding advantages of trading on KardiaChain is the very cheap transaction fees, calculated in KAI - the official and unique cryptocurrency in the KardiaChain ecosystem.
  • Transactions on KardiaChain are almost completed right away, greatly shortening the user waiting time.

How to trade VNDC KardiaChain in Nami Exchange

Currently, Nami Exchange supports VNDC on both ERC-20 and Kardiachain platforms. These two protocols will only involve VNDC deposit / withdrawal, Futures and Spot trading can be executed as usual.Note: Deposit address of some tokens might change over time. Users need to verify the deposit address every time to make the deposit success.

About Nami Corporation

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