Nami Foundation and Community First Strategy

Nami Corporation announces the transformation of its operating model into a non-profit enterprise

After winning the Facebook Hackathon in 2016, Nami Corporation (Nami Corp.) was officially established in 2017 in Singapore with the model of a service company specializing in building investment-financial support products and step- by-step established its position as a reputable technology solution developer, with a team of experienced programmers and administrators.

After many years of development, today, July 19, 2022, Nami Corporation announced the transformation of its operating model to a non-profit organization with the Community First strategy, taking the community as the center to innovate, create, and develop top priority products and services in bringing more value to the users and community.

Nami Foundation will merge Nami Exchange - Derivatives Exchange with leverage up to x125 and Spot with low fees and spreads - along with Nami Frame - product providing solutions to embed Nami Foundation's products to partners inside and outside the field of Blockchain - in order to bring the values of Nami's products to a wider range of users.

The most successful example is the partnership with Onus that brought the Nami Futures product to over 45,000 users and generated over $1 billion in liquidity in the first month of the partnership. Nami Foundation will launch more products in the future to realize the plan to build a sustainable ecosystem around the Mobile First strategy.

In the face of a volatile and constantly changing blockchain and digital currency market, Nami Corp. has defined the Community First strategy since the beginning of 2022. With this strategy, Nami is committed to optimizing the interests of the community, thereby increasing the connection between products, services and users. This is realized in upgrades, new products and mechanisms launched continuously in the first half of 2022 such as Nami Maldives, VNDC Futures 2.0, Daily Staking program...

From July 2022, Nami Corp continues to promote the Community First strategy with a higher level of commitment through the transformation of the operating model from Nami Corporation - a traditional enterprise operating on the principle of profit sharing dividends for shareholders - into Nami Foundation - a non-profit enterprise with the principle of using 100% of profit revenue to reinvest in products in the Nami ecosystem and serve the community.

With that goal, the Nami Foundation focuses on researching and developing technology solutions to serve the Nami community, in order to maximize the benefits of the community through forms such as optimizing convenience, increasing voice. community and distribute profits evenly.

With the transformation from Nami Corp. As the Nami Foundation, the Nami leadership team has shown their determination in building a healthy financial investment environment in order to anticipate the shift of blockchain application trend into financial products and services.

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About Nami Foundation

Nami Foundation is a non-profit organization, with the mission of researching, investing and developing technology solutions and community support activities to maximize the benefits of the Nami community.

Nami Exchange is the flagship product of the Nami Foundation, providing a trading platform for nearly 400 different cryptocurrencies with over 600 trading pairs. In Vietnam, Nami Exchange is known as the first exchange to offer Futures products since 2019 and is an official partner of Binance Futures.


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