Nami Exchange offers 30% off Futures trading fee for players participating in Futures Racetrack

Dear Nami Community,

The Futures Racetrack is gradually approaching the official competition stage, in order to increase the heat of the race and promote players and teams to break through on the Futures Racetrack this season, Nami Corporation would like to offer 30% off Futures trading fee for players, who successfully register for the Futures Racetrack in the first two weeks of competition.

Preferential condition: Successfully registered to the Futures Racetrack contest

(Registration registration:

Preferential period: From 00:00:00 on 26.07.2021 to 23:59:59 on 08.08.2021 (Vietnam time)

Specifically, during this period, players who have successfully registered for the Futures Racetrack will earn 30% off Futures trading fee on Nami Futures, the fee schedule is as follows:

Trading fee when charged in VNDC or USDT

Default feePreferential fee

Trading fee when charged in NAMI

Default feePreferential fee

*Trading fee is calculated according to the trading volume, refer to the Fee Schedule


  • Preferential trading fees apply to all futures trading on all VNDC (VNDC Futures) and USDT (USDT Futures) trading pairs
  • This preferential fee applies in conjunction with the VIP-level fee reduction policy
  • Futures Racetrack individual registration portal is open through the duration of the tournament

About the commission policy

In order to ensure the interests of users and the community, the referral commission policy does not change in terms of value, during the time of applying incentives for the referrer, illustrative example:

With a default fee, with a referral's Futures transaction with a fee of 10,000 VNDC, the commission value received is 2,000 VNDC.

With a preferential fee, with the Referee's Futures transaction with the preferential fee reduced to 7,000 VNDC, the value of the commission received is still 2,000 VNDC.

Wish the community a successful Futures trading season!

Best regards,

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