Nami Exchange announces CAKE-11-1504 token auto conversion

Dear Nami Community,

After going through the prediction period, CAKE token did not reach 11 USDT price, that means token prediction CAKE-11-1504 will be converted at the price of 50 VNDC as announced previously.
During the predicted period, CAKE-11-1504 has seen many important milestones:

  • CAKE base token price at one point touched 10.44 USDT on Nami Exchange on 04.04.2022
  • The ATH price of CAKE-11-1504 is 461 VNDC on 05.04.2022, 1.5 times the starting list price of 300 VNDC

With the prediction period expired, Nami proceeded:

  • Stop trading tokens CAKE-11-1504, close all the limit orders.
  • Summarize this number of prediction tokens in user wallets to redeem rewards. Nami Exchange has automatically converted the tokens for users at the rate of 1 CAKE-11-1504 = 50 VNDC at 03:00 on 15.04.2022 (UTC).

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